Booking a care assessment in Norfolk 

Booking a care assessment in Norfolk 

Social care – help to live well – is available from Norfolk County Council (NCC) social services department.

care assessmentElderly parents or relatives, including the “carer” – one who might care for the other, are eligible for a care assessment. This will determine what help they might need, and how/who might provide it.

A financial assessment can also be carried out to establish whether or not your parents will have to pay for their own care provided by NCC.

Eligibility for a care assessment in Norfolk

There is a very readable and useful guide to all aspects of care and assessments on the NCC website.

There are three main areas of eligibility for more care or support:

  • If the needs arise from a physical or mental impairment or illness
  • If your parent is unable to achieve two or more of the specified “care outcomes” (see below)
  • If there is likely to be a significant impact on their well-being.

Apply for an Assessment from the NCC Social Care team

If  you feel your parents meet any of the criteria, then you can contact the Social Care team directly.


Their advice, and ours, is to be with your parents for the care assessments if you possibly can, or ensure that someone they/you trust is.  You can find out more about what happens with an assessment here.

Not only can you help avoid the “stiff upper lip” approach that some may take, minimising or downplaying their health/care issues, but you can ensure that it covers all your parent’s health and social care needs.The ‘care outcomes’ that the Social Care team  will consider are:

  • Managing and maintaining nutrition
  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Managing toilet needs
  • Being appropriately clothed
  • Being able to live safely
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy home
  • Keeping up with friends and family
  • Being social and active and able to access transport

Who pays for the care?

If your parents/relatives are eligible, NCC will develop a care and support plan.This will include a payment plan.  Your parents may need to contribute to the cost of the care, or they may not (not every type of care is means-tested, but some is).

Your parents can either ask NCC to arrange and pay for the care, or they can opt for direct payments to organise and pay for the care themselves.  THe Social services department provides a support service for this.

A nominated person – such as family member – can also receive direct payments on behalf of someone else – you may need to have a Power of Attorney in place for this to occur.

What happens if elderly parents are not eligible?

Even if the assessment concludes that they are not eligible for support, NCC Care team will provide a report and some information and advice about what care and support is available from other organisations locally.

Appealing against the decision

If you are unhappy with the assessments you can appeal by contacting the complaints team.  It may be that your parents are not quite there yet in terms of care needs.

Timeframe for an assessment

It can take upto 12 weeks to arrange a full assessment.  You can find private providers who will undertake an assessment – local care agencies for example.

For more general information, you can read our Care Assessment guide here.

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