Financial Planning for a Funeral

Financial Planning for a Funeral

If you’ve ever had to plan someone’s funeral, you’ll understand what a distressing and expensive experience this can be. Unless you’ve sat down and discussed everything with them in advance, the chances are you might not have known exactly what sort of funeral they wanted. This, combined with having to find the money to cover the costs, can result in a lot of heartache and financial pain 

It’s not easy to think about planning for a funeral when your loved one is still alive. However, taking a little time in the present to talk as a family, will ensure your mum or dad has the funeral they wish for and bring welcome peace of mind to those left behind.  

Rising Funeral Costs  

The average cost of a funeral today is between £3000 for a cremation and £4000 for a burial.  Research carried out on behalf of our sponsors, found that costs have been rising every year and are forecast to increase to £5,328 by 2022.

A Funeral Plan is the best way to safeguard from these rising costs as a pre-paid plan can freeze the services at today’s prices and alleviate financial strain for your family in the future. 

Emotional Support  

If you have been caring for an elderly parent whose health has been in decline, you might feel that you’ve accepted the inevitable and you are prepared for when they die. However, nobody truly knows how they will react when this huge sadness is upon them and grief takes a different path for different people. Trying to agree on funeral arrangements in this heightened emotional void can often cause further distress and any pre-existing family tensions can be exacerbated.   

With a pre-arranged plan, when the time comes only one phone call is needed to put the plan in motion – all the arrangements are taken care of and importantly this allows family to support each other in this very difficult time.  

 Mr & Mrs Chamberlain, Norfolk

“My mother died last October and because she had dementia her bank account had been frozen. If I had not had enough money to pay for her funeral I would have had to cope with trying to get her money released as well as dealing with the funeral. So my wife and I decided to remove that problem for our children and take out a Funeral Plan. It was all so easy.” 

Most funeral directors in Norfolk now offer a pre-paid funeral service. For more information on Gordon Barbers Funeral Plan click HERE or call 0800 38 77 17.  

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