Holiday companies with care support

Holiday companies with care support

If your parents have limited mobility or care needs, luckily more holiday companies are providing extra services to make holidays for elderly with limited mobility and /or hidden disabilities much easier. Here’s our guide to planning a holiday with care support and holiday companies specialising in supporting older travellers.

What are their needs?

The first stage in planning is to assess what support and services they may need throughout their holiday. Create a list and write down any aspect you feel may require any sort of assistance help or special circumstance.

Planning a holiday for elderly parents

Some things to note may be:

  • Limited mobility or wheelchair bound
  • Limited or minimal hearing ability
  • Visually impaired
  • Any illnesses
  • Any current or reccurring injuries
  • Do they require a carer whilst on holiday?

Picking the right type of holiday

Once you have finished assessing what their needs are, you can start looking at what type of holiday would be most suitable for them based on what they want from a holiday. Are they looking for a nice relaxing holiday abroad? What about a spa retreat for a long weekend? Or perhaps they are more active and want to go on a nice countryside walking holiday. Luckily there are holidays that are designed to suit everyone’s needs.

Planning a holiday for elderly parents

The devil is in the detail however.  Is the hotel fully disability friendly? Do they provide any sort of transportation or trips whilst there? (if so do they have ramps in case of a wheelchair). Along with these, don’t forget the small things such as a handrails in the bathroom and elevator accessibility if needed.

The internet can be your biggest friend when looking for various selections of holiday and most big travel agent’s websites will be filled with information to help you. There are also other specialist websites that can help you find the holiday with the elderly in mind and below you’ll find some of our recommendations;

Silver Travel Advisor 

Silver travel advisor has lots of information, advice and travel reviews. All of which is specifically designed for travellers over the age of 50. They can give you advice on holiday type, country, hotels, airport services and baggage services to name a few.

Disabled Holidays

This website is essentially a travel agents designed specifically for those with disabilities and special needs. They offer full financial protection, accessible room guarantees, mobility equipment hire, flights and airport assistance and adapted transfers. This can be a great place to look for planning a holiday for elderly parents suited exactly for their needs.

Enable Holidays

Enable Holidays is a great website giving you plenty of options for holidays in the UK and abroad. It all depends on what type of holiday you and your elderly parent are looking for. You can choose whether you require assisted holidays that provide additional support to you and your family or if you just want a quiet family holiday it’s entirely your choice. Aimed at giving the elderly and disabled an enjoyable holiday with no worries at all, every destination and all facilities are wheelchair friendly including wheelchair access, wheelchair hoists at swimming pools, disabled toilets and changing rooms.

Grand UK Holidays

Grand UK Holidays offer escorted tours for the over 55s, on a wide range of holidays – coach tours, river and ocean cruises, special interest and festive breaks. Escorted means that on all of their holidays you are accompanied by a Tour Manager, whose job it is to make sure you have the best possible time on your break, that you’re never alone even if you are travelling solo.



Revitalise is a great charity on a mission to give the elderly and disabled respite breaks in holiday homes set in Southport, Southampton and Essex. Revitalise believe that the elderly and disabled should be able to have the same rights, freedoms, responsibilities and quality of life as those without disabilities. Giving people the chance to experience a relaxed, holiday-style environment with a variety of trips and activities. Offering support to the elderly, disabled and their carers, guests will be supported by volunteers who provide companionship and assistance to make everyone’s holiday a more relaxing experience.

Bond Hotel – Blackpool

Based just off the south shore coast, the award winning hotel is located close to the heart of Blackpool. It is the UK’s largest disabled hotel, suitable whether you are after a relaxing break or a fun and faster paced holiday. The hotel is suitable for any disability or needs and all rooms are fully accessible and mobility friendly.




Merton House – Herefordshire

The Merton house based in Herefordshire, is a holiday hotel which is specialized for the elderly who are frail and people with disabilities. It is ideally suited for guests requiring the use of a wheelchair.





St Michael’s Hotel and Spa, Cornwall

If your looking for a sunny seaside break then this is a fantastic choice. Rooms are ideal for all as they are full accessible on the ground floor, low leveled hands to furniture and en-suite wet rooms with support rails. Restaurant and lounge are on the ground floor for easy access. The hotel also has a spa and offers in-room treatments if unable to go downstairs to the spa facilities.



The Guardian have written a fantastic review of ten top accessible stays in the UK which you can read about here: The Guardian Ten Top Accessible Stays

Had a great holiday experience with the elderly? Let us know on our forum!

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