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Care for the elderly in Norfolk

Supporting or caring for an elderly parent, spouse or relative can be very hard particularly if you are new to it. 

We’ll help guide you through elderly care in Norfolk – sharing advice on how to make it easier to stay at home, find the best care support and if needed what to look for when choosing a care home.  Read on for a list of resources to get you started.

NHS and social services in Norfolk

It all starts with the GP surgery, local NHS services and Norfolk County council adult social care department.

If you’re starting out, our guide to navigating elderly care services will help.

You can find the local services available across Norfolk for both the NHS and NCC social care.

You may need to arrange a care needs assessment, here’s what you need to know.

Home Care in Norfolk

How to recognise if your parents need more help at home.

10 Questions to ask when hiring a carer. It shouldn’t be a marmite decision.

Hiring a care agency – considerations and ideas.

Care homes in Norfolk

A guide to choosing the best care home location in Norfolk.

Top tips on choosing a care home. Does it pass the Mum test?

Read more about care homes in Norfolk.

Norfolk day care centres

Day care centres for the elderly across Norfolk.

Patient transport services for the elderly in Norfolk

Getting around in later life can become a major issue – just going to the shops for every day essentials, to being able to leave hospital and go home.

Charities supporting the elderly in Norfolk

There are lots of local charities and organisations across the county providing a wide range of support and services. You may find the help you need here.

Care for the Carer in Norfolk

Caring for a spouse or parent is exhausting. In this section we provide a guide to services to help.

Do your parents need care?

Check list to see if your parents are coping 

Speaking Care

Here’s our jargon buster guide to breaking the care language barrier

Planning ahead

A check list of everything worth knowing in case of an emergency 

Norfolk Local Authority Assessment

Its important to get your parents care and support needs assessed, to see what help you’re entitled to

The who, what and where of local health services and how you find them

Resources available from the county council, the NHS and the local GP.

Next Steps 

You’ll find lots more localised information on the Age Space Norfolk pages, such as 

Check out our Norfolk Blog section with interesting news from local people and organisations working towards improving later life in Norfolk. 

Also, why not drop into our  FORUM it’s a great place to chat to other people in similar situations and share your own advice and experiences.