Respite Care in Suffolk

Respite Care in Suffolk

Respite care gives the carer an opportunity to have a break from their caring role. This could be for as little as one night to catch up on sleep, or a few weeks for a family holiday. This page will guide you through the Suffolk respite care options.

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A break can also help to reset the carer-cared-for relationship into a child-parent one again. Being a carer can be a full-time job and time off is critical for everyone on both sides,

Respite care is valuable for older people too – giving them a chance to meet new people, be more independent, and sometimes just enjoy a change of scenery.

It is important when searching for a care home that provides respite or short-term options, that you find one that you have complete confidence in. You need to feel that your loved one will be properly taken care of so that you can truly relax.

You should also note that your relative must have had a Care Needs Assessment before the council will fund the respite care. Follow the link for more information of Care Needs assessments in Suffolk.

Respite Care Homes in Suffolk

There are many care homes across Suffolk that offer a respite care option. Larger charities and brands, such as Care UK and Kingsley Healthcare, operate numerous homes across the county, but there are also a lot of independent respite care options that may be closer or better suited for you and your relative.

The following links will take you to two Respite Care directories that we think are great. You can filter the searches by district or postcode to find the closest options to you. Each home also has an accompanying rating to help you decide which option is best for you parent.

You can also just use Google Maps if you’d prefer, however, the range of options will be more limited.

Day Care Centres in Suffolk

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Day Care Centres have many of the same benefits as respite care homes, just only limited to one day at a time. These centres can be perfect if you work full time during the day or you just need a break for a day.

Your parent will also benefit from the chance to practice being independent, meet new people, and take part in social activities. Age Space has a dedicated page for Day Care Centres in Suffolk.

Respite Homecare in Suffolk

Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible for you elderly relative to have respite care in a care home. In these cases, there are services that can provide respite care wherever your parent calls call home. Below, we have listed a few services that provide respite homecare in Suffolk.

Above and Beyond Care

Based in Ipswich, Above and Beyond care can provide respite care cover at home with short notice.

Telephone: 01473 722 772
Visit Website

Access Dignity Care

A new homecare service based in Sudbury they can offer short and long term respite and palliative care.

Telephone: 01255 852882
Visit Website

Norvic Healthcare

Operating across Norfolk and Suffolk, Norvic can provide a live-in respite care service, even at short notice – for times when you need a break or you are unable to be there for any reason.

Telephone: 01603 865 665
Visit Website

Westminster Homecare

Operating from Ipswich, Westminster Homecare provides live-in care and can support a range of specialist needs.

Telephone: 01473 226868
Visit Website

Emergency Respite Care in Suffolk

In case of emergency, Suffolk County Council recommends that you complete a Family Carer Emergency Plan on their website.

It consists of a form that you fill out describing what support the person you care for needs and a list of emergency contacts for the council to contact if you are unable to look after them. Once you have filled out the form send it to to finish your application.

Respite care in Suffolk

When you have completed the application you will receive a key fob with your ID details and the contact details for Customer First – a 24hr telephone line for the council. In the event of emergency anyone can call Customer First and state your ID number and the council will contact the list of emergency contacts you supplied.

Unfortunately, unlike in other counties, Suffolk does not have a respite care scheme to place the person you care for in emergency respite care if you are unable to care for them.

We recommend that after first contacting another family member, you contact the homecare services listed above for short term respite care, before searching for a care home. Care homes often have a longer waiting time and might not be able to provide your relative with care straight away.

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