Elderly Care Legal Advice in Suffolk

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There can be a lot of difficult legal decisions to be made as a carer of an elderly person that requiring forethought and good, unbiased advice. Whether it be for power of attorney, Will making, managing estates, or any other reason, there are places in Suffolk where you can find free legal advice. Age Space has compiled lists of places that can offer free advice on legal matters and more – helping you make informed decisions when it matters most. 

In the Spotlight: Janette Wand, Senior Associate at Ashtons Legal

Janette Wand, Ashtons LegalJanette gave us a few minutes of her time to talk about all things legal and elderly care.

While there are many places online that you can find information, templates, and DIY Will writing services when making a Will, lots of people turn to professionals to help create this document. Getting it right is important and often cost effective for saving in legal fees if complications or confusions arise when fulfilling a will. We have broken down the Will writing services in Suffolk, including average fees and a list of solicitors that provide services near you, with cost breakdowns.