Finding Respite Care In Sussex

Finding Respite Care In Sussex

Respite care aims to give carers breaks from their caring roles. This could take the form of a day centre or an occasional overnight stay during the week or even for a longer period of time.  Fortunately, there are loads of excellent resources to help finding respite care in Sussex who can help you get some downtime.

Respite care is very important for both the person being cared for and their carer. It can often be required urgently, so it is worth planning ahead so you know what your options are.

Local Authority Respite Services

respite care sussexThis care can be provided by your local council after you have received a carer’s assessment or your loved one has had a health assessment. Alternatively you can arrange, and pay, for respite independently and you can use this NHS search engine to find respite services in Sussex. The search engine can also find help you find local carers’ centres that can offer you further support and information.

Care Homes

There are numerous care homes that offer respite care for older relatives. Putting your loved one in a care home, even if it’s only for a short period of time, can feel like a big step. But being a carer is a demanding role and you shouldn’t feel guilty for bringing in help once in a while, so you can go on holiday or take some time for yourself.

Respite care can be very beneficial to the relative you are carering for as well as well as for yourself. They’ll meet new people, have a change of scenery, and they are less likely to feel as if they’re being a burden to you and your family.

You can search for care homes that offer respite care in East Sussex (here) and West Sussex (here) using the website.

Careers Support West Sussex

light houseThis organisation for carers in West Sussex provide days out for older people so their carers can have a break or some time to themselves. The events include relaxation and pamper events, wellbeing walks, retreat days and visits to places of interest.

They can also talk you through other respite options for your loved ones that are a bit longer term, like temporary residential care homes, which they list on their website here. They also have a Carer Wellbeing Fund which may be able to help you fund respite care for your relative.

You can find out more about how Carers Support West Sussex can help you with respite care on their website.

Care For Carers And Emergency Respite

In East Sussex, Care For Carers is a good resource for finding useful local information in regard to respite care. On their website (here) you can find a list of services in East Sussex who provide respite care or who can help you to access it.

other legal helpThey also run the East Sussex Carers Card scheme which provides an Emergency Respite Care Plan. If you apply for the card you are able to set up an emergency respite plan (as well as getting a piece of identification that shows you are a carer and gets you various discounts). This plan makes sure your relative is cared for if you have an accident or are taken ill yourself.

In your plan you can detail three emergency contacts who are able to provide short-term support to your relative if necessary. If needed the number on the card can be called and East Sussex County Council will immediately call your emergency contacts. If none of these contacts can help, Adult Social care will provide the necessary support to your loved one.

You can find out more about getting an East Sussex Carers Card here.

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