Booking a Care Needs Assessment in Sussex

Booking a Care Needs Assessment in Sussex

The purpose of a care needs assessment is to understand an individual’s needs, strengths and goals to establish the level of the care that they require. The assessment focusses on what is required to help them to live safely and comfortably in their own home. Many care related services, such as care homes and other respite facilities will also require you to have one completed before they can accept your relative.

Care Needs Assessment in Sussex

Following a care needs assessment, the council will be able to determine how much they are able to help. This can include council-funded care, which will be means-tested based on a financial assessment that will be carried out after the care needs assessment.

Age Space has put together the following guide to take you through the steps required to receive a care needs assessment in Sussex, as well as contact details and relevant links. You will also be able to carry out a Carer’s Assessment that can help to establish how much the council can support you in your caring role.

How to Apply for a Care Needs Assessment in Sussex

Although not complicated, arranging a care needs assessment in Sussex can take a while, so it’s worth starting the process as soon as possible. You can either get in touch with the council yourself for a referral, or your relative can be referred by their GP or another healthcare professional.

Contact Details

Before getting in touch with the council, it is worth gathering all the information available to you to ensure the process can be carried out as efficiently as possible. This information includes your elderly relative’s personal details, as well as an initial idea of what support you feel is required and what the council might be able to provide. Please find contact details for East and West Sussex’s adult social care teams below:

East Sussex County Council's Adult Social Care Team
West Sussex County Council's Adult Social Care Team


You can find full information about care needs assessment eligibility by taking a look at the East Sussex County Council website or the West Sussex County Council website, but you will generally be able to have an assessment carried out if your relative:

  • has a physical or mental impairment or illness
  • has an illness or impairment that means they are unable to achieve two or more outcomes that are important to them
  • has their wellbeing significantly affected by their illness or impairment

For more specifics on these points, you can take a look at our Complete Care Needs Assessment guide on a national scale.

The Care Needs Process

If your relative is deemed eligible to receive a care needs assessment, the team will speak with them, you and anyone else involved in their care to ensure any required support and care can be considered. Areas that will be covered include:

  • what is important to your relative in how they live their life and and how their wellbeing could be improved.
  • the positives in their life, including what friends and family are around to support them.
  • information and advice to help them make informed choices about care and support.
  • their eligibility for care and support
  • what care and support they are eligible for and how much this will cost

After this information has been gathered, the council will write to your relative with the results of their assessment, detailing whether or not they are eligible to receive support. If they are successful, the council will work to put together a comprehensive care and support plan.

In the event that your relative is not deemed eligible for support from the council, they will still provide you with information about what care is available to help them in the local community and from voluntary organisations.

Financial Assessment

If your relative is found to be eligible for support from the council, you will need to carry out a Financial Assessment questionnaire. This will be used to establish how much of the support will need to be self-funded and how much of it can be paid for by the council.

Financial Assessment in Sussex

This will be worked out based on your relatives financial situation. Some people pay the full cost for the services they receive, some are responsible for just paying a part of it and others make no financial contribution whatsoever. You will be able to help your elderly relative to complete their financial assessment, but will need to have accurate details of their savings and investments, income, outgoings (including mortgage and tax) and disability related costs.

At the end of the financial assessment process, the council will provide your relative with a personal budget towards their support costs, explaining the contribution that they are able to make.

For complete information on the financial assessment process for East and West Sussex county councils, you can visit their websites through the links provided below. Additionally, if you feel like you need more financial or legal advice, you may be interested in taking a look at our page on getting Free Legal Advice in Sussex.

What to do if you are unhappy with the result

Following a Care Needs Assessment, if you are unhappy with the outcome then you will first need to discuss things with a GP or other healthcare professional. This will allow you to talk things through and get help understanding the decision.

If you are still unhappy after this, you will be able to contact your council’s adult social care team again to complain about the decision.

East Sussex County Council's Adult Social Care Team
West Sussex County Council's Adult Social Care Team