Elderly Care Financial & Legal Advice in Sussex

Financial & Legal Advice in Sussex

As the elderly relative you care for gets older, you can find a range of new financial and legal challenges arising that you’ll need to get your head around. Age Space wants to help make this as easy as possible for you, so has put together the following guides to take you through the financial and legal landscapes of elderly care in Sussex.

Below, you can find out all about free legal advice clinics, Will writing, elderly discount schemes and more across Sussex.

The Best Discounts for Over 60s in Sussex...

There are a fantastic range of different discounts that become available to over 60s across Sussex, including opportunities for reduced costs on travel, entertainment and health related products or services.

Age Space has put together a guide to some of the best discounts that are available across Sussex for your elderly relatives to enjoy, which you can explore through the link below…

Will Writing in Sussex

Although it is possible to create a Will by yourself, we recommend looking for professional legal advice to make sure an air tight document is created. This is to save you from any unnecessary legal and financial complications down the line.

You can take a look through the links below for important things to consider when you’re writing a Will, as well as 10 of the best online Will writing services.