Care Assessments In Sussex

Care Assessments In Sussex

The Local Authority has a duty to carry out assessments for everyone who might need extra support or care. In Sussex this is called a ‘supported assessment’ and it is available through your local adult social services department. The council can also carry out a carers assessment for relatives who are responsible for their care.

The results of the free assessment will identify an older person’s individual needs and what care they require. A financial assessment can also be carried out to establish whether your parents will be eligible for fully or partially funded care.  You can apply for an assessment here:


It is strongly advised that you or someone your parents trust be present during the assessment. Not only can this help where someone might minimise or downplay their health or care issues for the assessment, but you can also ensure that all your parent’s needs are covered.

The council will take several factors into account during the assessment including personal circumstances, e.g. whether they live alone. The three main areas of eligibility are whether needs arise from an impairment or illness, whether their well-being is being impacted by this and whether the person is unable to achieve two or more of the specified “care outcomes” from this list:

  • Managing nutrition
  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Managing toilet needs
  • Clothing themselves presentably
  • Maintaining a habitable home environment
  • Maintaining family and personal relationships
  • Maintaining work, training or volunteering
  • Using important services in the local community like public transport
  • Carry out any caring responsibilities they might have

On all of the websites above you will be able to complete a self-assessment form as an alternative to having a visit.


Following the assessment, the council will produce a detailed plan and a personal budget. This will provide information on what care is available and how to access it, even if it won’t be supplied by the council.  Individual financial circumstances will determine how much the local authority will fund. This will be determined by a financial assessment.

If your relative isn’t eligible for support or funding the council will write to you and explain why. It is important to note that if you are unhappy with the result of the assessments you can appeal against them.

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