Elderly Health & Wellbeing in Sussex

Keeping Mobile in Sussex

It becomes more important than ever to stay healthy and maintain an active lifestyle as we get older. Although this can become more and more difficult to achieve, there are a range of brilliant exercise classes targeted specifically at seniors across Sussex that can make this easier to achieve.

You can visit the links across this page to find information on these, as well as befriending services, stroke recovery groups, meal delivery services and dementia services across Sussex.

Swimming Classes for Seniors in Sussex

For those with achy bones and joints, swimming could be the ideal sport! It’s very beneficial to the body and your relative isn’t likely to fall or hurt themselves. Plus, there is always a lifeguard present in case of emergency.

Many leisure centres across Sussex offer aqua aerobics classes that are easy on the joints, help to strengthen muscles and are ideal for people with arthritis. They often also offer special classes for older people.

You can visit the link below for more information on these classes.

Sussex Wellbeing Services

A strong diet with the right nutrition is just as important as keeping active in old age! Meal Delivery Services in Sussex can help by providing hot meals directly to your elderly relative at reasonable costs.

Specialist Dementia Services

There is a great range of support for people living with or caring for someone with dementia across Sussex. You can take a look at these pages to find out more information on the services, communities and activities in place across the county that are in place for or suited to supporting those with dementia.