Keeping Fit In Mind And Body

Keeping Fit In Mind And Body

You may have watched your parents have slow down to doing almost nothing on a daily basis.  As we all know, the less you do, the less you really feel like doing.  Encouraging them to get out and about might be a challenge – but it will be worth it for every day mobility, general mental health and overall fitness.

We have identified some great organisations in Sussex providing excellent activities.  They are listed here.

If concerns about existing aches and pains are stopping your relative from pursuing exercise, then talk to their doctor for advice about where to begin. Also, the NHS has created this free, easy-to-follow guide about improving older people’s flexibility, strength, and balance. It’s a useful resource for those who are nervous about starting exercise.


Group exercise can offer an incentive to exercise regularly. There are many group exercise classes across Sussex, some specifically for older people, where they can get fit while meeting like-minded people from their community.

Also, it is easy to introduce more walking into someone’s routine if they are able. By walking for 15 to 20 minutes a day an older person can significantly improve their energy and mood. You could also introduce family walks into your weekly routine or sign up your relative to a local walking club, like which organises free group walks across Sussex.

If your relative is a bit more competitive, walking sports might be a good option for them. The Sussex FA organises walking football sessions in Sussex with the aim of helping players to enjoy an active lifestyle and improving their health.

For those with achy bones and joints, swimming could be the ideal sport. It’s very beneficial to the body and your relative isn’t likely to fall or hurt themselves. Plus, there is always a lifeguard present in case of emergency.

Many leisure centres offer aqua aerobics classes that are easy on the joints, helps to strengthen muscles and are ideal for people with arthritis. They often also offer special classes for older people and women-only classes.


If you would like more information you can visit the websites below:

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