Meal Delivery Services for the Elderly in Sussex

Meal Delivery Services for the Elderly in Sussex

Meal Delivery Services can be a great way of providing your elderly relative with a hot and nutritious meal straight to their door. This takes out some of the hassle in shopping and cooking, whilst ensuring that they continue to eat well.

Age Space has put together the following guide to take you through the various Meal Delivery Services available in Sussex. 

Meal Delivery Services in Norfolk

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Cookmere Meals

Cookmere Meals are a Sussex and Dorset based meal delivery service who can provide hot, ready to eat meals to your elderly relative, as well as chilled meals for them to heat up whenever suits them best.

They will have the option to choose a main meal and a dessert from a wide menu, as well as having the ability to include any additional groceries that they need, like bread and milk.

Cookmere’s services are available every day of the year across Sussex, helping to provide a varied and nutritious diet to anyone that needs an extra helping hand.

For complete information on Cookmere Meals’ services, you can visit their website or get in touch with them through the details provided below.

Health & Independent Living Support

Health & Independent Living Support offer the largest not-for-profit meals on wheels service currently operating in the UK. They delivery meals across West Sussex every day of the year, which can include a wide range of hot meals and desserts, alongside a caring welfare check.

You will have the option to order meals as a one off, temporarily, or for as long a period as you would like. Meals will be delivered hot and ready to eat between 11:00am and 2:00pm, but your own delivery time will usually be consistent.

Meal Delivery Services in Surrey

You can visit their website or get in touch using the details below to find out more information about their services or menu.

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods are a national meal delivery service that provide meals to customers all over the UK every day.

Their service is able to provide an entire week’s worth of meals to a customer on each delivery, as all meals are fresh-frozen, meaning they can be heated up whenever suits. With over 300 meals available to choose from on their menu, your relative is unlikely to get bored quickly!

Meals average at approximately £5.00 per item, with free delivery. You can pick your week’s meals and order online, or call 01362 699049. Additionally, you can request a brochure on behalf of someone you care for to be delivered to them to pick from.