Getting Ready To Sell

Getting Ready To Sell

If you – like many others – are thinking of putting your home up for sale or let this year, property specialist Leaders have some valuable advice to put you ahead of the competition before the property market hots up.

Here are some tips to get ready for a sale:

Declutter now

Making the house as minimal as you can will help potential buyers imagine themselves living there. Start tidying up and getting rid of unwanted, or unsightly, possessions now. This will make the task much easier and you won’t have to make rash decisions about what to throw away or keep. And anything you don’t think will impress future buyers but don’t want to part with long term can be placed in storage until you move.


Now is the time to address any repairs that need to me made to your home before it goes on the market. After all, buyers won’t be impressed by cracks in the walls or torn carpets. While you have plenty of time, get around to all those small repair tasks that you’ve been putting off. They may be small things, but they will make all the difference when people are deciding whether or not they want to make an offer.


It is extraordinary what a lick of paint can do to transform your home. Refreshing the paint job is a simple thing you can do to help potential buyers visualise themselves living there. Especially if your home currently has a décor that is a bit ‘out there’. Redecorate in a more neutral fashion, with any brightly coloured feature walls painted over and snazzy wallpaper removed – the more neutral the décor, the more buyers it will appeal to.


Getting the right price is very important to a quick sale. If the price is too high you risk it not selling, and if it’s too low you’ll miss out on money.Research what other houses in your street or area have sold for recently and don’t be swayed by the highest valuation, it needs to be priced correctly in order for it to sell.

Choose the right estate agent

When selling your house, it is essential that you find the best estate agent for you. Make sure you go with a company that has a good reputation that you can trust to sell your property for the best price possible. You want to choose an estate agent who you get along with and for whom you have confidence in their abilities.

If you’d like any more advice regarding your property enquiries, please contact LEADERS via or contact Joanne Darroch, Senior Branch Manager (Brighton) 01273 321721.

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