One Floor Living – The Benefits for the Older Generation

One Floor Living – The Benefits for the Older Generation

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As we get older, the thought and capability of climbing stairs can prove problematic. Here, our Property Partner LEADERS, highlight how ‘One Floor Living’ could be the answer for elderly parents and relatives who, for example, find the prospect of navigating stairs an uphill struggle.

In the UK, we have two property types which fall under the ‘One-Floor Living’ description – Flats and Bungalows. A ‘Flat’ is a self-contained living area in one specific part of a building. A building which houses flats will have a number of individual properties and also shared communal areas such as lifts, receptions, gardens and stairwells.  ‘Bungalows’ are one floor, single storey houses which, interestingly, can be traced back to the Bengal province in India in the 1670s.

The one storey layout of a flat or bungalow make these options a perfect living solution for the elderly or infirm. Both styles of these properties can be especially good for those with mobility, walking, knee or hip issues, as having to face climbing up and down stairs on a daily basis can be quite taxing. With all living space on one floor, flats and bungalows newel rail1 e1512578640561are a good solution.

Some of the Advantages of ‘One Floor Living’ Properties for the elderly include:

Good Accessibility – As flats and bungalows are only one level, their accessibility is great for the elderly and those with limited mobility. In addition, it would be easy to have a ramp leading up to the front door of a bungalow, and without internal stairs, getting around the home is less of a worry to both the individual and their families. Also, if the property had an ‘open planned’ layout, it would make life easier for anyone who uses a walker, zimmer frame or wheelchair as this would reduce the risk of bumping into things.

Easy Maintenance – Being on one floor, there are not multiple levels to keep clean, staircases to hoover or too many bathrooms to scrub.

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Safer Living – Flats and bungalows offer a safer choice for the elderly as all rooms are located on the same floor. This is ideal for those with mobility issues as flats and bungalows do not have stairs to contend with every day, so the risk of tumbles and falls is reduced. In addition, living in a flat has several extra layers of security. For example, there is a usually a code to get into the building, CCTV cameras around entrances, and some blocks of flats even have security guards.

Additional Warmth – Flats are surrounded by other flats – both on either side, above – and if you’re not on the ground floor, below. This means that the property will benefit from the warmth and insulation of the surrounding homes.

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If you’d like any more help or advice regarding ‘One Floor Living’ and the different options and opportunities available, please contact LEADERS via or contact Joanne Darroch, Senior Branch Manager on BRIGHTON 01273 025728.

Do you have experience of helping elderly relatives or friends move home? What are your top tips? Share your experience or see others’ advice in our Age Space Forum at

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