Taking Care Of Care

Taking Care Of Care ImageAge Space is launching its winter campaign – ‘Taking Care Of Care’. Age Space is raising awareness of the large number of people across Sussex who do not identify as being carers, despite being solely responsible for the care of an older parent or relative.

Research shows this can lead to numerous people missing out on the guidance and support they sorely need. Especially when they may be struggling to cope.

Let Age Space Sussex help you cope with your caring responsibilities over the winter months. This page is where you can find all the resources and guidance you need.

About the Campaign

Find out more about Age Space Sussex’s winter campaign ‘Taking Care Of Care’ and how Age Space can help you. 

But I'm Not A Carer

If you don’t identify as being a carer you might be missing out on support. Here you can find all the resources you need to make your life easier. 

Top Tips From Age Space

Age Space and our local partners have offered their top tips for people who suddenly find themselves responsible for the care of an elderly relative.

The Bad Daughters' Club Blogs

Age Space founder Annabel James invites the ‘Bad Daughters’ of the world to unite in this confessional series of blogs. 

Taking The Grandparents On Holiday!

We’re fresh out of the Christmas holidays – a time when many families come together to be merry. Why don’t we take this family spirit and apply it with a big dose of sun lotion?

The 'Age Space Money' Podcast

Age Space’s new podcast gives you tips and tricks you can listen to on the go. Hosted by Age Space founder Annabel James. 

Caring At Christmas

For people who are juggling caring for children and older parents the winter and Christmas period can be yet another source of stress.

Christmas Gifts For The Elderly

Age Space has put together a list of potential Christmas presents for elderly relatives that will be practical but also put a smile on your relative’s face on Christmas Day.