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Mmmmmm Memories & Food Nostalgia!

Corned Beef Hash, Bread & Butter pudding, Ham, Egg & Chips – what memories are evoked when we look at a menu and see this hearty fare?  

For Charlie Hodson, our newly appointed Patron and Executive Chef of the Woodfordes Brewery pub and eatery the Fur & Feathers it’s about creating nostalgia – taking people on a journey back to their childhood food memories. 

A man with a mission – Charlie want to encourage families to take their older relatives out to eat more – not just on special occasions such as Christmas.  

Two things tend to put older people and their families off eating out – accessibility and fancy menus. For Charlie these issues need to be addressed, pubs need to remember their local supporters and stop trying to be something they are not in order to cater for the tourist trade.  

” The Fur & Feathers is a family pub, with good beer and good food!” 

However, families also need to stop being worried about taking elderly relatives out for fear of difficulty or embarrassment. A simple phone call in advance to arrange seating, looking at the menu online and making special dietary or dining requests, can make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone. “With advance warning any reputable chef would be happy to assist.”  

As I sit and chat to Charlie on a midweek lunchtime, I’m delighted to see a young man in his teens come in with his grandad for a pint and two sets of grandparents bringing their young grandchildren in for lunch.  

“This is what it’s all about – generations coming together to share time and enjoy good traditional food which everyone knows and loves” 

Charlie is no stranger to catering for the older generation as past Executive Chef for the Great Hospital in Norwich, he has written passionately for Age Space about healthy food and creating the right dining experience for the elderly visit our Health & Wellbeing section. It is this knowledge and experience which he brings to his latest role and explains the key ingredients for success  

” a safe environment, accessibility, respect and of course – good food.” 

Local and tradition are two things that Charlie is incredibly passionate about and in two months has managed to ingrain into the heart of the Fur & Feathers in Woodbastwick. Around the walls are pictures of all the local suppliers, some of whom are now third generation butchers, fishermen, farmers. It is this attention to detail which brings a warmth to the environment, one in which I could easily imagine my grandparents enjoying and reminiscing all things local.  

For more information visit or call 01603 720003 

Visit our main site to find our ‘Healthy tips of helping someone with dementia eat more’.


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