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Mobility Aids for your Elderly Parents

Mobility Aids for your Elderly Parents

As your elderly parent gets older they are bound to need a little more help in moving around the home. There are so many mobility aids out there that we decided to put together a list of all the mobility aids we think are ideal keeping your elderly parent safe in the home. Allowing them to move safely around the home, helping them maintain their independence at home.

Grab Rails

There are a range of grab rails of various lengths, sizes and angles suitable to give aid and support to your elderly parent in any room in the home. They are strong and durable, helping your elderly parent to climb the stairs, move off the sofa, assist them in the bathroom and get in and out of bed. Whatever room you want to adapt  in the home it’s a good idea to look and see what is available as these mobility aids will help your elderly parent stay safe in the home.

The Ashby Angled Grab Bar

The Ashby Angled grab bar is a great bar for your elderly parents to use around the home. Ideally, for use and support on the stairs with its angled grips, like a staircase angled rail. It’s a bar which can assist the user in rising or lowering, so whether they are climbing the stairs or walking down the stairs they are able to grab the bar at any angle and help them with their movement and balance in that part of the home.


The Newel Rail

This rail is a specially shaped grab rail to provide support to your elderly parent when they are mounting the stairs. Ready for them to climb and hold on to the stairs rail. It’s a great mobility aid to add to your elderly parents home. This particular grab rail fits around corners, has a strong and secure frame, available in left and right handed versions and is angled to provide complete support to your elderly parent, as they don’t have to let go of the rail. It can be fitted on any corners around the home where additional support is required. It can be fixed easily with screws, so it’s important for your elderly parent that it’s designed for extra support, rather than a weight bearing rail. The Newel Rail will make a huge difference around your elderly parents home and will be used a lot in situations on the stairs, landing area or even in the bathroom. Where ever you think it would be suitable around the home to help your elderly parent.


Folding Support Arm Grab

Folding supports are great to use in small locations throughout the home. They are wall mounted hinged rails designed to help your elderly parent when they are trying to stand up or sit down when using the toilet. If your bathroom is rather small fold away support grabs are ideal as you can pull them down when you need to use them and they can just be neatly folded away back to the wall. Folding grab rails have a classic curved design and are available in two lengths, short and long. They are a really great mobility aid for your elderly parent to ensure extra safety in the bathroom to reduce falls.


Contoured Hampshire Tap Rail

This luxury tap rail has contoured white plastic mouldings to enhance grip on the rail when raising and lowering in to the bath. It is a rectangular rail which attaches to the bath taps. If your elderly parent struggles in moving in and out of the bath and has falls often in the bathroom, this is a great rail for them. To help them successfully move in and out of the bath by pulling themselves up on the grab rail. It’s also advised to have a non-slip bath mat inside the bath too for extra safety when they are lowering themselves in to the bath.


EZ Adjustable Bed Rail

The EZ Adjustable bed rail is argued to be one of the most popular bed rails that there is on the market. It’s the only bed rail that extends in length after installation. It can be used as half a bed rail to help your elderly parent get in or out of bed. It extends to a full size bed rail which is great for night time as an extra precaution if your elderly parent has a tendency to move around in bed or fall out of bed at night when sleeping. This bed rail also folds away so when it is not needed it can be pushed down the side of the bed to keep your bedroom area looking neat and tidy. So it’s a great investment for your elderly parents safety in the bedroom, making it highly convenient and practical.


Folding Easy Fit Bed Rail

This is a great bed rail if your elderly parent just needs a little help getting in and out of bed safely. If your elderly parent doesn’t have falls in the bedroom then this is a simple and easy fit bed rail which offers some support in sitting up and getting up out of bed. When not in use can be folded away and pulled out at your convenience. Similar to the EZ Adjustable bed rail but much smaller and used simply for pulling up and out of bed. This would be a great mobility aid for your elderly parent and help them greatly in the bedroom.

Wheelchair Ramps & Scooter Ramps

Wheelchair ramps and ramping equipment can maintain access to the home and increase quality of life. Wheelchair ramps range from the lightweight and portable through to heavier ramps designed for heavy duty use. Ramps assist in providing the elderly or disabled with greater mobility and independence.

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