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News Space 20.9.18 Robo trousers and fun on prescription

Our weekly news round-up from Age Space founder Annabel James

One small stretch of railway… but could the line between Morecambe and Leeds be a giant step for dementia friendliness? Northern Rail staff here are being taught to recognise when people living with dementia are travelling. No reason at why this couldn’t go nationwide is there?

Watch the BBC Radio 5 Live report here:

Here’s your new prescription Mrs Bloggs: Take fewer pills; have more fun and friends.

Social prescribing involves putting someone in touch with a service or activity that is seen as therapeutic and often includes referring them to a link worker who works with people to access local sources of support. That could be sport, bingo or gardening and the new Health Secretary Matt Hancock says that all health professionals should be taking that route rather than prescribing medication as a matter of course. I’d love to see more of this.

Read more here in The Guardian

The menace of the cold callers

This is unpleasant and worrying. Half of all the landline calls to elderly and vulnerable people are from cold callers.

As many as a million people estimated to be on so-called “suckers lists” are being bombarded with as many as 150 nuisance and scam calls a month.

In a bid to protect vulnerable consumers 166 local councils have resorted to fitting £100 phone blockers in people’s homes, which only allow calls from pre-selected friends and family. Click here to read the full report:

Video: NHS Primary Care Networks

Do you understand what the new NHS Primary Care Networks are? No? We’re not surprised. How the health service works and who does what is pretty mystifying these days. But it’s really important that we all get a handle on it as these are the bits of health care that we will find ourselves using…

So here’s a simple animated film from the NHS of which bit does what in a Primary Care Network.

Free prescriptions – are you entitled?

NHS England has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage people to check their eligibility for free prescriptions.

Check Before You Tick urges people to use a new online tool with the aim of, of course, reducing the cost to the NHS of people incorrectly claiming free prescriptions. Access it here.

And finally…

Wallace and Gromit come to your parents’ living room. Brit scientists are developing bionic trousers to help elderly or frail people get about more easily.

Bristol University is working “The Right Trousers”; a pair of robo-trews with artificial muscles, to give people back the strength to help them live independently for longer.

Grab a snack of Wensleydale and crackers and settle down to read more here!

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