Komp from No Isolation. Connecting families

Video Calls made really, really easy

Komp automatically answers incoming video calls in 10 seconds without the user needing to press a single button - just get straight to chatting.

Safe, private, closed network

Only your elderly parent's friends and family are able to contact them. No usernames or passwords - just people you invite can access Komp.

Super simple set-up

All your relative needs to do is plug it into a wall socket and the device is ready to be set-up via an app. This means that the technical responsibility is with the people that are better with it.

What is Komp?

Komp is the solution for isolated or lonely older people who are less confident using technology. It was designed by a Norwegian company, No Isolation, who’s core mission is to find solutions that reduce loneliness and isolation. For the price of a smartphone, Komp enables your family to start up great quality video calls with a parent or grandparent, without them needing to do anything at all on their end. With a 21″ inch screen and only one, super user friendly button, Komp does all the work to help an isolated elderly person or couple feel much more involved in day-to-day family life. Share photos and messages directly into the free Komp companion app – which then shares straight to the screen, connecting the whole family network from all over the world.

Who is Komp for?

If you have a parent or grandparent that is feeling a little left out, lonely or isolated, Komp might be great for them. Where we are able to use WhatsApp, social media and video calls without really thinking about it, technology can be a much bigger obstacle for a member of the older generation – Komp overcomes those problems. All they have to do is keep it turned on (or turn it off if they don’t want to be disturbed or answer a call) and Komp does all the work. What minimal technological responsibility there is lies with those who are better with it.

Read about Roey's Experience with Komp

Roey, 89, one of our lovely Age Space reviewers got hands-on (or should we say hands-off?) with Komp and used it for a week with her family. 

“A wonderful device that just works. The video calling experience is much better than I could ever have hoped and it really feels like their in the room with you!”

Order Komp Today

Buy Komp directly from No Isolation on their website and help family members get reconnected. There are two buying options depending on what you think will work for your family:

Rent Komp Monthly

Rent Komp for you and your family for £39/month

Buy Komp Outright

Purchase Komp for a one-time cost of £599

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