Care Alert by SECOM CareTech

Non-intrusive home monitoring with intruder alert
Subscription available from less than £30 per month
The Care Alert allows you to monitor your loved ones' welfare remotely, while keeping their property secure. This can enable them to live independently in their own home for longer.
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How does the Care Alert work?

Using sensors placed around the house, Care Alert monitors movement, door activity and changes in temperature. This can provide you with crucial information about whether your relative is up and about, periods of inactivity, or if their behaviour is out of the ordinary.

Home monitoring from SECOM CareTech can help you preempt future care needs and take action early.

Smartphone Notifications

You will receive insights and alerts within the secure Care Alert App. You can set up mobile alerts based on what you want to know: specific events, inactivity, or both.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Families benefit from SECOM’s expert monitoring team. They are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate and will be on hand 24 hours a day to support your relative in an emergency – this might be a fall, break-in attempt, or medical emergency.

Home Security

Fitted with a SECOM intruder alarm, the Care Alert keeps your relative’s property secure. The wall-mounted sounder will put off any potential intruders and in the event of an emergency, the 109-decibel sounder and long-life LED strobe will activate.

What do Care Alert users think?

Read the testimonials below to find out how SECOM CareTech have helped real families.

Steve Parkinson

“I needed the confidence that the system I had selected would offer my mother the best cover I could find… and the CareTech system does exactly that. I would recommend this system to anybody who is looking for emergency cover/contact for a loved one.”

Simon Galwey

“The response to my activation was very quick and dealt with well. The process to purchase was easy and had all my questions answered.”

What's included in the Care Alert package?

Motion Sensors

Monitors activity in the home and feeds back data to the control panel

Magnetic Contacts

Fitted to doors, fridges, and medicine cabinets to monitor usage

Control Panel

Securely sends information to the monitoring centre

Intruder Alarm

Wall-mounted sounder with 109-decibel output

Personal Help Button

Users can send a distress signal to the monitoring centre

Buy the SECOM CareTech Care Alert

SECOM CareTech’s Care Alert 4-sensor package costs £879.40 for the first year. This includes a professional property inspection and consultation, as well as installation and set-up of the hub and sensors.

From the second year of monitoring, there is a monthly subscription fee of £29.78 per month.

This is equivalent to just £16.91 per week for year one, reducing to £6.87 per week thereafter.

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