StackCare Home Monitoring

An affordable home monitoring service that allows you to keep on top of your elderly relatives' welfare.
Available for less than £12 per week.

Discreet and intelligent motion sensors

Mobile app to view updates and reports

Installation in as little as 15 minutes

What their customer's say...

“I love the reassurance that StackCare gives me. It’s incredibly clever and it does all the work for you. Dad keeps his independence, dignity and he particularly likes the fact his privacy is respected as we can look out for him from a distance.”

Jasmine, StackCare User

How does StackCare work?

The sensors placed around the house detect motion and activity. This information is sent to the StackCare hub, which sends notifications to nominated recipients if there are any concerns.

This might be a period of inactivity that suggests a fall, or failure to get up out of bed in the morning. The alert lets you know you need to contact your loved one, or pay them a visit, to check everything is okay.

Watch the video below to hear StackCare US CEO Nigel Mould explain how to set up the sensors and how they work.

Machine Learning Technology

StackCare uses machine learning technology to provide personalised reports. This means it can learn the routines of the person you care for, and be able to rapidly detect when your relative’s behaviour is unusual.

This means you don’t need to work out yourself if their behaviour is out of the ordinary, StackCare will do that for you.

The StackCare App

The StackCare App is easy-to-understand and displays all of the insights generated by the sensors placed in your relative’s home. 

Individual reports detail your relative’s level of activity, including for example, how many trips they took to the loo in the night and the temperature of the property.

Every morning you will receive a daily wellbeing update, which provides peace of mind that you are up-to-date with your relative’s welfare.


Easy Installation

You can set StackCare up in your relative’s home yourself in as little as 15 minutes. There are no tools required, and no strangers need to come in to your relative’s home. 

What will StackCare keep me updated on?

Bathroom Use

Increased bathroom usage can be a sign of a UTI, but less use than usual could suggest your relative is dehydrated.

Property Temperature

Be sure that your relative’s property is not too cold (or too hot)– as older people can forget to turn the heating on and off.


Check that your relative is sleeping well through the night. Irregular sleep patterns will be flagged. 


Find out easily if your loved one is active during the day. You can see which room they are in, hour-by-hour.

Buy StackCare

The StackCare setup bundle costs £599 and includes everything you need for year one – no hidden or further costs.

You will receive:

  • 4 discreet motion sensors
  • StackCare hub
  • Access to the StackCare app and insights

Extra sensors are available at a cost of £49.95. From year 2 the price is reduced and can be split monthly.

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