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3rings plug: Personal Alarm service 3rings review

We review 3rings personal alarm service

I’ve often wondered how those alarms they sell in the back of the newspaper really work for older people.  Those pendants they can wear.  Presumably you need to be conscious, technologically willing, or have them to hand to be able to use them?   Which is why I’m so intrigued by a new bit of kit called 3rings which is a personal alarm service I read about the other day.

A personal alarm system you can count on

The story went that an 83 year old lady living alone found herself unable to move.  Although she had an emergency button and a mobile phone that could send an SOS to doctors, both were out of reach.   Her family was unaware that something was amiss until just after 9am when each of them received a text message to say that she had not switched on the kettle at the usual time.   Her son knew that something was wrong so went to visit her and found her incapacitated.

The reason he knew that she might be in trouble was 3rings, a “smart” plug that alerts family members when an elderly relative fails to switch on a kettle, the television or other electrical device in a certain period of the day.   The 3rings is plugged into a power socket and the plug for the electrical device is then plugged into 3rings.  It then detects when the device is switched on.

Connect your personal alarm service wirelessly for notifications

It is connected wirelessly to an internet service that allows family members to set rules for when they are alerted.  In this lady’s situation, 3rings was set up to send an alert if the kettle isn’t boiled between 5am and 9am, when she usually has her first cup of tea.

How brilliant is that?  Assuming your mum or dad likes a hot drink in the morning, or a bit of breakfast tv. Failing either of those, I guess it could be attached to a bedside light.    I’m now going hunting for more useful smart technology.  for more information.

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