Our Recommendations for Live-in Care Agencies

live in care agencies

This is a small selection of the live-in care agencies around the country which can provide round the clock help at home. It is a list of personal recommendations from people who have used them. Some of them cover the whole country, some are regional. Check them out, do your own research, and do read our blog which gives an excellent first-hand account of getting live-in care sorted at very short notice Live-in care. We hope this can give you a place to start at when looking for your first or new care agency.

Oxford Aunts 01865791017 https://www.oxfordaunts.co.uk/

Universal Aunts 020 7738 8937 http://www.universalaunts.co.uk/

Trinity Home Care 020 7183 4884 http://www.trinityhomecare.co.uk/

Country Cousins 0800 542 0676 https://www.country-cousins.co.uk/

Prestige Nursing 0845 6000 949 http://www.prestige-nursing.co.uk/

Miracle Workers 01873 881306 http://miracle-workers.co.uk/

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