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"They've thought of everything!"

taking care anywhere personal alarm

What she loved

- Super simple set-up
- Fall detection and GPS-Aware
- Smart and light design

Our Experience with the Taking Care Anywhere

With the Taking Care Anywhere, Taking Care has covered all the bases to reassure you of your relatives’ wellbeing. Alongside the GPS-aware, fall-detecting mobile pendant, Taking Care includes a simple button alarm and base unit to use in the home where a mobile signal might be weakest. By doing this Taking Care ensure that wherever your relative is, they will only be a button press away from getting help.

The sleek main Taking Care Anywhere pendant boasts many useful additional features. GPS-location tracking enables the Emergency Resolution Team to pinpoint your relative’s location at any one time. Built-in fall detection means that your relative doesn’t need to press a button to alert the Resolution Team. If the team is alerted, they will be able to make contact with your relative through the pendant itself, which allows for two-way communication. A trained member of the Emergency Resolution Team will find out if anything is wrong, reassure your relative, and decide on the best response to the problem, whether it be calling a trusted neighbour, family member or an ambulance. 

Setting up and using the Taking Care Anywhere alarm is very easy. The alarm talks you through the set-up using voice commands, which also respond differently depending on which button you press. The Taking Care Anywhere pendant’s wireless charger means that to charge the pendant all your parent has to do is place it snugly onto the charger. Not that they will have to do this often however, as the Taking Care Anywhere alarm can last up to 1 month on one full charge. 

When charging the pendant your relative can still be safe, as the additional alarm included in the package can also alert the response team to an emergency. The base unit can be plugged in anywhere in the house as it doesn’t require a landline connection. Taking Care have combined the reliability of simple personal alarm pendants with new and useful technology that can be used anywhere your relative goes. 

  • Alert Button: Access to trained help within an average response time of 5 seconds
  • GPS included: Emergency Resolution Team can send help to an exact location
  • Fall Detection: Automatically alerts monitoring team if it detects a fall
  • Long battery life: Up to 1 month on one charge
  • Mobile: Works wherever your parent goes
  • Talk to the Emergency Resolution Team directly through the pendant
  • Water resistant: Works in the shower
  • Super easy set-up: Simply test and go

  • Wireless charger and plug included in the box
  • Back-up pendant and base unit included
  • Includes 3G Nano SIM card - no additional payment to top-up
  • Recharging takes between 3 to 5 hrs
  • Microphone & speaker built into the unit
  • Pendant dimensions: 67 x 47 x 13.5mm
  • Pendant weight: 33grams

Caroline's Experience: Hands on with the Taking Care Anywhere Alarm

We have a panel of older people who review products featured on Age Space.  We asked Caroline, 76, from London, to review this product. She tried it out in and around her own home to test out all the features and see how it fared.

We then asked Caroline some questions about her experience with the Taking Care Anywhere Alarm. Click on each question to open her answer.

Was the pendant easy to set up?

The alarm arrived well boxed. Everything easily identified as the compartments they were in were clearly labelled. Setting up put me through to an operator who talked me through the process very clearly and gave me opportunities to ask questions. This enabled me to easily set up the system on my own. 

Did you like the design?

The pendant is well designed - comfortable to wear and unobtrusive. I forgot that I was wearing it! 

How did you find the wireless charging?

The instructions are clear and it was easy to fit the leads into both the in-home unit and the Anywhere alarm charger. The Anywhere charger lit up clearly when charging. It is easy to check how much charge there is in the battery by just pressing one of the buttons on the pendant. It also checks that it is locating the correct location of the pendant. The charge lasts 1-2 months but less if the alarm has to be activated. It is very reassuring that the pendant tells you when it needs charging. 

Does the other pendant need charging?

The second pendant doesn't need charging. It has a battery which only needs replacing every 5 years. 

What happened when you tested the Taking Care Anywhere alarm?

When testing it outside there was an immediate response that the alarm had been sent and then a short wait to talk to an operator. The responder's voice was clear, they called me by name, checked that all was well with me and was able to tell me where I was. I checked this several times and each time they were able to locate my position accurately.

What did you think about having the back-up pendant and base unit?

Having a second pendant means that I can always feel protected, and that help is only a button press away. I would only wear it on the rare occasion that the Anywhere alarm is charging. When testing it the response was just as fast and the responder's voice was loud and clear through the in-home unit.

What are your overall thoughts about the Taking Care Anywhere Alarm?

Overall I'm very impressed. It was easy to set up, easy to charge, comfortable to wear and the response from the monitoring team was quick and reassuring. They've thought of everything with GPS, fall-detection and by including a second pendant in the box. 



  • Not dependent on Wi-Fi or landline: works at home and out and about
  • GPS pinpoints exact location
  • Fall Detection included
  • Impressive battery life
  • Trained Emergency Resolution Team available in seconds
  • Communicate with the team directly through the pendant
  • Multiple wearing attachments to suit
  • Easy to set up with very clear instructions
  • Water resistant
  • Wireless charging reduces confusion
  • Base Unit and back-up pendant allow for 24/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring included in the price


  • Fall detection not available if your relative has a pacemaker
  • Won't work if there is no mobile signal (very rural locations)
  • Equipment is rented (you have to give it back if you don't wish to continue the subscription), but this does keep the price down

By having fall detection and the ability to know my location, I feel really comfortable going for walks on my own now.

How to buy the Taking Care Anywhere

Get 1 month free with Taking Care Anywhere when you buy through our links

Included in the Taking Care Anywhere package is the Taking Care Anywhere GPS pendant, hypoallergenic chain, split ring for attaching to a belt or keyring, wireless charger, backup button pendant, home base unit, UK-based 24/7 monitoring, warranty and repair, SIM credit, and free delivery.

The first month is free followed by a monthly subscription of £26.99 (+VAT) per month or you can save 10% when paying annually. There is also a one-off registration fee of £70 (+VAT). It is worth noting that the Taking Care Anywhere alarm is available for tax exemption if your relative has a condition that requires regular medication, is registered as disabled or is chronically ill.

You can order online by clicking the button below or talk through some personal alarm options with an expert by calling 0800 085 7371.

A Taking Care Customer Review

"Found service to be excellent and reassuring to know Dad has this when he is home alone. We fortunately have only had to use the alarm for testing each month but it is always answered promptly and staff extremely pleasant even remembering Dad’s birthday this week."

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