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Indoor Gardening – Bringing the outdoors in!

Although living in a city has several perks, those of us who appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature find ourselves wondering how we can spend more time surrounded by calming green and floral fragrances. People that spend longer stretches of time indoors typically have lower levels of energy and are more prone to depression and anxiety. Indoor gardening might be the way forward!

So what can you or your relatives do to surround yourselves with more natural beauty? We’ve got a few tips on how you can create your own indoor garden filled with plants that’ll create a charming and serene atmosphere.

Flowers and greenery

You don’t have to be a flower fanatic to take care of a few pots here and there. If you’re just starting out with indoor gardening, there are a number of plants that are simple to take care of, take up very little space and will instantly improve the atmosphere of any room.

Heartleaf philodendron can be plain or colourful and can grow up a trellis, down your kitchen cabinets and living room shelves or in a regular pot – all that, and it only needs water when you notice the soil is dry.

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The parlour palm also grows well even in low light and is great for adding character to a room. There’s also aloe vera, a succulent plant that has wonderful healing properties and is great for nourishing your skin. Orchids, lilies, ferns and ivy also go well with any space.

In addition to their decorative values, houseplants also serve as air purifiers and humidifiers, and increase oxygen levels in your home. In fact, it’s thought that a touch of green can have significant effects on lowering blood pressure, improving focus and keeping you healthy.

Fruits and veggies

For those who’d like to take a more dedicated approach to indoor gardening, there’s also the option to grow your own fruits, veggies and herbs. This takes a little more time and effort, so you’ll want to make sure you do your research and find a suitable plant-friendly environment for them with plenty of light to ensure their growth.

The basics of outdoor gardening PICTURE

Because your garden will likely be in only one area of your room, you’ll want to make sure to choose plants that grow in similar circumstances and require similar levels of care. Cherry tomatoes and peppers make for an excellent start, while lemons and strawberries are easy to grow from the very beginning – they’ll grow especially well in a conservatory or orangery.

Getting the right soil, fertilisers and nutrients is critical to maintain proper growth and plant health, as keeping them in containers requires more care than if they were planted outside.

Get organised

Regardless of whether you’re going for a few pots of cherry tomatoes or want to build a versatile garden, you’ll need to set up a system that’ll help you keep your plants happy and healthy. Some plants need regular watering, while others should also be sprinkled with water from time to time.

Certain greens need more nutrition to flourish, while ensuring regular light, ideal levels of humidity and perfect temperatures for others are a must. If you already lead a busy life or are prone to forgetting, creating a schedule to remind you of everything you need to do can be a great help.

It might sound like a lot to handle at first, but in a few weeks, we have a feeling you’ll already be in love with your own personal patch of green!

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