Dementia & Alzheimer's

Your guide to caring for someone with dementia

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Legal matters can be scary and quite often the reason why we delay. They can also be incredibly difficult to discuss with elderly parents or relatives. We hope our simple and informative guides will help you and your family to prepare to care. 

Understanding Dementia


A complete summary of dementia causes & symptoms


Early signs of dementia to look out for


How getting a dementia diagnosis works


The differences between Alzheimer's & dementia

Dementia Care


Your care options for looking after someone with dementia


A look at treatments that can slow the progression and help ease the symptoms


Dr Alex Bailey discusses dementia symptoms, care and treatment

Types of Dementia


Understanding the differences between types of dementia


Alzheimer's symptoms, causes, and treatments


LBD symptoms, causes, and treatments


Vascular Dementia symptoms, causes, and treatments


FTD symptoms, causes, and treatments

Dementia Products & Daily Living Aids


Can help to reduce anxiety, and make it easier to fall asleep

Preventing Falls

With GPS tracking, fall detection and SOS buttons

Video Calling

Video call with elderly parents without them needing to do anything!


Rosebud reminder clock for those with dementia

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Having a relative diagnosed with dementia can be quite scary. Our free dementia guide condenses all the information you need to know on what dementia is, the different types, how it is diagnosed, practical and legal considerations you need to make and where you can find support.

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Guiding you Through your Dementia or Alzheimer's Journey

If a family member has recently been diagnosed or you suspect a relative has dementia, this section will guide you through all the key stages of this complicated disease. Knowledge is power and the first step in the dementia journey is to understand the different types, symptoms and stages.

Our easy-to-read guides will help you to plan ahead and hopefully make things a little less daunting. We cover important issues such as establishing routines, how to improve sleep, eating tips, keeping active and communication advice. We also share expert advice on how to create a dementia friendly home, with useful product and resource recommendations. As a family you will need outside support and we signpost to some of the best charities and organisations in the UK.

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