Taking Care Personal Alarms

The first Which? Trusted Trader Approved personal alarm service in the UK

With a Taking Care personal alarm, you benefit from:
24 Hours

Three 24/7 Emergency Resolution Centres in the UK to ensure no alarm call goes unanswered

taking care personal alarm response time 6 second

An average alarm response time of just 6.2 seconds so you can get help quickly when you need it

Talking Icon - Taking Care

Talk with the Emergency Resolution Team through the alarm equipment to get help in any emergency

contact family - taking care icon

The Emergency Resolution Team will call your friends, family or emergency services so the appropriate help reaches you as quickly as possible

taking care products

A range of monitored personal alarms that work at home, in the garden and out and about. Free lifetime warranty included

Taking Care Anywhere: The next generation of personal alarm

A revolutionary personal alarm to keep you or your loved ones safe. At home. Out and about. Anywhere. Discover freedom and peace of mind with Taking Care’s innovative Taking Care Anywhere package.

This lightweight, stylish alarm pendant and in-home alarm ensures you have help at hand whether you’re at home or out doing the things you love. Enjoy independence on your own terms with a personal alarm that offers reassurance and security.

Taking Care Anywhere is exclusive to Taking Care

  • Stylish location-aware GPS falls pendant works in your home, garden and out and about.
  • If you need help, press the pendant to call Taking Care’s Emergency Resolution Team any time of the day or night.
  • The pendant will automatically call the Emergency Resolution Team if you fall.
  • The Emergency Resolution Team will talk with you through the pendant. They will call your friends, family or emergency services if you need further help.

Features and Benefits

Taking Care Anywhere Alarm Features
Taking Care Anywhere Alarm

What's Included?

  • Stylish GPS falls pendant with emergency button and wireless charging.
  • In-home 3G alarm base unit.
  • 24/7 emergency resolution and unlimited alarm calls.
  • Lifetime warranty and repair.
  • Free backup in-home pendant.
  • Free next day delivery.

Safe Home Alert: the future of independent living

More and more families are now turning to ‘smart home monitoring’ for additional reassurance. Home monitoring systems use sensors (NOT cameras) to help monitor your elderly parent’s activity and automatically send an alarm if they detect anything wrong. This is done through motion sensors, smart plugs that can tell when a kettle, for example, is turned on. It also includes a Taking Care personal alarm.

Taking Care Safe Home Alert

Book a Free Home Demo

For a limited time

For a limited time, Taking Care are offering free, no obligation in-home demo of their Safe Home Alert system. This is not a sales pitch, just a chance to see how this technology works and to ask any questions that you have directly to an expert.

Having a Taking Care alarm not only makes me feel safe, but my family knows the system is in place which will contact them if I have a fall or if I'm taken ill. They don't feel they have to check in on me as frequently as they know I only have to press the alarm and help is on the way. Thank you

Mrs Marilyn Harris, Trustpilot review 2020

*This content has been provided by TakingCare