Age Space Book Shelf

A hand picked selection of books reviewed by our panel of readers

Book review of How Hard Can it Be by Allison Pearson
BY Allison Pearson
Caring for elderly parents. Life as a member of the sandwich generation.
the well-lived life book by Gladys McGarey
BY Dr Gladys McGarey
Old age. 6 Secrets to a long and happy life as told by a 106 year old woman
Book review of The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
BY Richard Osman
Mystery murder in a retirement community!
Book Review The Madness of Grief by Richard Coles
BY Richard Coles
Grief. Richard Coles’ account of his own grief following the death of his partner
Book Review Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Heaton
BY Emma Healey
The story of a woman living with Dementia convinced her friend Elizabeth has gone missing.
Book review of The 100-year Life by Lynda Grattan and Andrew Scott
BY Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott
Old age. How society/individuals can turn longer life into a gift not a curse
Book review of Dementia Essentials by Jan Hall
BY Jan Hall
First hand insights to caring for someone with dementia
Book review of The Book about Getting Older by Dr Lucy Pollock
BY Dr Lucy Pollock
An important guide to getting older and looking after our older relatives
Book review of One Last Thing by Wendy Mitchell
BY Wendy Mitchell
Death. From the perspective of Wendy who lives with Dementia