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One Last Thing

Reviewed by Angie Greenham
Reviewed by Angie Greenham


Nine years on from her diagnosis of young-onset dementia, Wendy Mitchell has been facing her own mortality since 2014. One Last Thing is Wendy’s third and final book, offering a deep-dive in to the unchartered territory of how to live with the end in mind. Wendy’s clear voiced authorship, laser-sharp focus on what matters, and her tenacious yet tender advocacy, is a clarion call to keep living a hope-filled life today; whilst firmly grasping the ending a progressive and terminal illness inevitably brings.

About the book

Part of a growing national conversation about health span, mortality and, living fully with limited time; Wendy’s focus is not on what treatments will extend life, but rather, what is it that those who are facing up to their own mortality want; what goals and priorities they have and how can the best outcomes be assured when dementia keeps changing everything.

Deeply personal, yet with universal truths, Wendy Mitchell is on a mission to demystify dieing. And as a self-reflective and active participant, ready and willing to bear witness to her own increasingly fog-bound journey, in One Last Thing, Wendy has created a taboo-busting guide – complete with an invaluable summary of resources.

As a former NHS worker, DEEP Dementia Voices member and as a woman living with young onset dementia, Wendy’s unique vantage point shapes an incisive examination for readers about what Wendy wants the end of Wendy’s life to look like. This is a book for those who are ready to ask questions about what really matters to people living with the dementia; those who are prepared to actively listen to the replies and, those who are willing and equipped to have the bigger conversations about living with the end in mind that surely must follow.

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Above all, One Last Thing is a beautiful invitation to advocate. And with the number of people aged 85 and older who will need palliative care set to more than double in England and Wales by 2040, it’s more than time to RSVP! Let Wendy and Anna Wharton accompany you, guide you and skill you up for understanding and preparing for the end of life living with dementia. Better still, let Wendy’s experience inspire you to advocate for inclusion for access to agency at the end of life and be part of shaping the movement Wendy envisions in One Last Thing: where the ending is fully attended to – not a in a crisis, at the last minute, but with time, with attention and with the grace that brings closure when the time comes.