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Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Hire

Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Hire

Hiring a wheelchair or mobility scooter means that you get all the benefits of their use for a fraction of the cost of buying the product outright. Whether you are looking for a wheelchair or mobility scooter, there are a range of different options to consider. In this guide we will cover the different types or wheelchair and mobility scooter you can rent, hire prices, and where you can rent from.

National Wheelchair Hire

Age Space preferred mobility retailer

Wheelfreedom provide national next-day delivery service with their wheelchair service if you order before 3pm. 

Or call them on 0800 008 6950

wheelfreedom wheelchairs for hire

Wheelchair Hire

Hiring a wheelchair is very often the perfect solution for many people who are looking for a short term fix to limited mobility. Whether this be to take on holiday, to enable a visit to family, a trip around the local National Trust estate, or for use when recovering from an injury, wheelchair rental is a quick, cheap, comfortable an effective option. 

Which wheelchair that will be best for you to hire will differ greatly depending on your level of mobility, what you need it it for, what your price range is and what options are available near you.

When it comes to the different types of wheelchair you can hire there are several! We’ve briefly covered options and what they might cost – to get an estimate we’ve consulted our friends at Wheelfreedom. All prices are exclusive of VAT as many of our readers will be able to claim VAT relief

How Much it Costs to Hire a Wheelchair

Wheelchair hire is very cost effective should you decide to do it for a short enough time. This is mainly because wheelchairs are relatively inexpensive however, it can sometimes be more cost effective to buy one outright should you need it for a long time and you find a wheelchair you like. 

That being said, hiring a wheelchair can be very cheap and easy. From Wheelfreedom, you can hire a wheelchair from as little as £15 per week for a simple wheelchair, up to £75 per week for a power-assisted wheelchair. 

Usually providers, including Wheelfreedom, reduce the prices depending on how long you hire a product for. For example Wheelfreedom reduce the price after the first 12 weeks and then after a year so you can pay as little as £3 / week for standard wheelchair hire.

Lightweight, Foldable Wheelchairs for Hire

Easy to carry, easy to transport wheelchairs are the perfect option for many when looking for which wheelchair to hire. Perfect for use when travelling abroad, many people hire a wheelchair like this for a short term to cover one of two events or weeks, where someone who is less stable on their feet might have a little further to walk than they normally do.

wheelchair for hire

Wheelchair Hire Price – £15 / week

Power Assisted/Electric Wheelchairs for Hire

Unlike mobility scooters, wheelchairs, especially those for the elderly, require someone who is able to push them along – they are people powered! Power assisted wheelchairs can provide some battery-powered assistance when going uphill, kerbs, longer distances, or just whenever the pusher is tired. They remain transportable and lightweight however so can be a great option for many.

Wheelchair Hire Price – £90 / week

Heavy User Wheelchairs for Hire

With a sturdier design, more support and a wider seat and wheel base, Heavy User Wheelchairs can support people weighing up to 26 stone. This type of wheelchair doesn’t sacrifice any comfort to do so and is also very transportable, as it is still able to fold down flat.

There are also Bariatric Wheelchairs for hire that can support between 26-50 stone and has a 26 inch seat.

Wheelchair Hire Price – £35 / week

Elevated Leg Rest Wheelchairs for Hire

For those recovering from leg, foot or ankle injuries, wheelchair hire of an elevated leg rest wheelchair allows their leg to be supported and raised to allow for additional comfort and proper positioning for quick recovery. 

Wheelchair Hire Price – £40 / week

Finding Wheelchair Hire

If you are looking for a simple wheelchair and you live in the UK, the hire service from Wheelfreedom might be a great option for you.

  • Next Day Delivery (if you order by 3pm)
  • Full International Insurance
  • All Deliveries by Midday – Don’t wait around
  • Flexible Hire Lengths
  • Free Next-Morning Replacement
  • No Deposit Taken (for wheelchair hire)

Find out about National Wheelchair Hire on Wheelfreedom or give them a ring on 0800 008 6950.

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Mobility Scooter Hire

If the journey you are looking to hire assistance with is a little longer, or the user has to be able to transport themselves, or you just want to spend a little more to go faster (!) – hiring a mobility scooter might be a better option. 

Mobility scooters for hire are larger, and will cost a bit more, however will be faster, allow full independence for the user, allow them to travel further more comfortably and for longer. Many people will also look to rent mobility scooters to try before they buy, as they can be a considered purchase.

There are many different types of mobility scooter that you can hire depending on what you need and what you can afford. Like with wheelchairs, our preferred mobility partner, Wheelfreedom, provide a great short term hiring service for all types of mobility scooters for the South East of England. All mobility scooter hires done through Wheelfreedom are covered by their inclusive repair or replace service.

How Much it Costs to Hire a Mobility Scooter

When it comes hiring a mobility scooter, there are many more options compared to wheelchair rental. As we’ve said mobility scooters come in many different shapes, speeds and sizes and so the cost of mobility scooter hire also varies. 

Boot scooters are generally the cheapest type of scooter. In the South-East of England you can hire a boot scooter with Wheelfreedom for just £35 / week on a short term basis. For an 8mph road scooter, they will cost around £53 / week. Wheelfreedom adjust their prices depending on how long you have hired the scooter, reducing the price after 12 weeks, and again after the first year.

Boot Scooters for Hire

Boot scooters are the ultimate in transport convenience. They are able to be quickly deconstructed into multiple, smaller, lighter parts that can be picked up easier and put in a boot. 

Scooter Hire Price – £40/ week

Folding Scooters for Hire

If you are able to pick up a fairly heavy scooter yourself, but space at home is at a premium, hiring a folding scooter might be a great option. Folding scooters, quite literally, fold up into a smaller form – usually around the size of a small suitcase.

Scooter Hire Price – £75 / week

Pavement Scooters for Hire

Another level bigger, more powerful, and with a longer range, pavement scooters are not easy to transport but will be well suited to driving longer distances more comfortably. They are limited to 4mph, which allows them to be driven on the pavement, and are perfect for going to and around shops. 

Scooter Hire Price – £45 / week

Road Scooters for Hire

Road scooters are the ultimate in power, speed, comfort and range. Usually, they travel at between 6-8 mph, making them road legal, and can go much further distances. They are usually better designed to cope with the rougher surface of roads and will often be slightly larger. Some shops won’t let you in on a road scooter – so that’s certainly something to bear in mind before hiring this type of scooter

Pride Colt Deluxe 2.0

Scooter Hire Price – £55 / week

Mobility Scooter Hire in London and the South-West

Wheelfreedom also offer mobility scooters for hire from their showroom in Chessington to people in the London and South-West areas. They have a fantastic range of mobility scooters available, suitable for whatever your needs are, but more importantly they have friendly and accessible experts that can help guide you to the type of mobility scooter that will be best for you. You can hire all of their range of scooters for a year, however only a select group of their scooters are available for short term hire.

Find out more about Wheelfreedom’s Showroom and ring to discuss mobility scooter hire.

Mobility Scooter Hire in the Rest of the UK

If you live further afield and don’t think a wheelchair will suffice for your needs, then you will need to find a mobility scooter renter near you. To do this we recommend searching google for mobility scooters in your area. The benefit of visiting a good showroom is that you have the opportunity to try out the range of mobility scooters for hire and work out which one is going to be best for your needs and budget. 

FAQs on Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Hire

Where can I hire a wheelchair near me?

To find wheelchair hire near you try asking your local council and GP for recommendations as they will often use a close and reputable mobility product provider when they provide wheelchairs to their residents. If you just want a wheelchair delivered to you the next day, Wheelfreedom's National Wheelchair hire might be the best option for you.

What is the minimum wheelchair rental period?

With Wheelfreedom for example, they know that the length of time someone might need a wheelchair is very variable and subject to change, which is why they are flexible on hire lengths. This might be different with other providers but usually it will only be one or two weeks.

How much does it cost to hire a wheelchair?

Wheelchair costs depend on the size of wheelchair you need, how long you need it for, and whether you will need a power-assisted wheelchair. Wheelchair hire will start at around £15 / week and go up as high as £75 / week.

How much is it to hire a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooter hire also varies wildly depending on the type of scooter you need. For the most basic scooters you should expect to pay at least £35 / week and for a very high end, all terrain mobility scooter you might be looking at upwards of £100 / week.

National Wheelchair Hire

Age Space preferred mobility retailer

Wheelfreedom provide national next-day delivery service with their wheelchair service if you order before 3pm. If you live in the South East of England you can also hire any of Wheelfreedoms other 300+ products including chairs, beds, rollators and more.

Or call them on 0800 008 6950.

wheelfreedom wheelchairs for hire