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6 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly

6 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Personal alarms for the elderly were first introduced in the UK in the early 1980s. They are often worn as a necklace or wrist band allowing the user to press a panic button for assistance. There is a still a big need for personal alarms for the elderly in today’s society with more elderly and disabled people requiring home care.

We’ve compiled this Age Space guide to 6 of the best personal alarms for the elderly on the market.

1. SureSafe

SureSafe Alarms specialise in personal alarms for the elderly. With over 15 products available including fall alarms, GPS ‘Go Anywhere’ alarms and talking pendant alarms to help your elderly parent maintain their independence in the home. SureSafe are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and products, while distributing at an affordable price for all. Offering safety and security to elderly people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, aiming to improve their health, well-being and quality of life.

SureSafe Personal Alarm

SureSafe’s flagship product, the SureSafeGO Anywhere range of alarms, aims to be the most complete alarm available. Boasting fall detection as standard, the ability to talk through the pendant (not the base unit) to the alarm responder, as well as using mobile technology allowing the alarm to be used both in and out of the home, means this is the most comprehensive alarm available.

Current Special Offers: First 3 months monitoring FREE on SureSafe 24/7 Connect range. Pay Annually only £89 + set-up fee. SureSafeGO Mobile Alarm from £149.95. Call SureSafe now on 0800 112 3201 and quote AgeSpace10 for a £10 discount.

We got hands on with the SureSafeGO and SureSafe 24/7 Connect to review the main features, technical specifications, pros & cons and to answer any questions that anyone thinking of buying might have. Click the links to be taken to the reviews. 

2. Taking Care

Taking Care are the only Which? Trusted Traders approved personal alarm service and are also the exclusive provider of the Age UK alarm. Since 2008 alone, Taking Care have helped 170,000 people stay safe in their homes, supporting older adults and their families across the UK.

taking care personal alarm watch

Taking Care have a range of alarm products that can be used at home, in the garden or out and about, including fall sensors and GPS personal alarms. The alarms are supported by three UK-based Emergency Resolution Centres providing 24-hour monitoring. With an average alarm response time of 5 seconds, you can continue to do the things you enjoy with confidence help is available when you need it most.

Prices start from £16.48 per month (£19.78 including VAT), including 24/7 monitoring, lifetime warranty and free delivery. With a 30 day no-obligation home trial and 6 weeks free monitoring, you can try the popular Age UK personal alarm risk-free in your home. Enter discount code TCS-8042 when ordering online to start benefiting from the peace of mind this life-saving service provides.

Order from Taking Care and get 6 weeks free with discount code TCS-8042 Or… Start your 30 day home trial from Taking Care with discount code TCS-8042

3. Telecare 24

Telecare24 is a national careline alarm provider committed to giving you peace of mind and keeping you safe at home. Recommended by TV’s Dr Hilary Jones, Telecare24 is rated ‘Excellent’ by its customers, with new positive reviews every day. Telecare 24 Personal Alarm Personal alarms from Telecare24 are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use with help available at the press of a button. On the fall alarm plan, the device senses when you have fallen and will automatically call for help. Moments later, the friendly care team will speak to you to determine your situation. If they decide that you need help, they will contact your family, friends, carers or the emergency services. With free next working day delivery and a speedy ordering process, you could be set up in as little as 24hrs. If you decide to leave Telecare24, you can cancel at any time as they don’t tie you into a contract. Plans from Telecare24 start at just £120/year, with a £10 discount available for all Age Space readers. Key safes are also available.

4. LifeLine 24

Lifeline 24 is a dedicated national personal alarm provider with a single-minded focus on delivering a low-cost service while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction and safety. Their results speak for themselves with a significant number of customers who have left over 5,000 very positive reviews across and Trustpilot, both of which have always maintained an ‘Excellent’ rating. Lifeline24 remains a family owned and managed organisation and their advanced UK-based 24/7 response centre is fully accredited by the Telecare Services Association. Life Line Personal Alarm

Alarm users can call for help at the push of a button on their lightweight waterproof pendants and will immediately be in contact with a highly trained and friendly member of their Care Team. After a quick assessment they will be able to contact friends, family, carers or the Emergency Services to ensure help is on its way. 

Lifeline24 offers a wide range of personal alarms, pendants and peripheral linked devices to suit any lifestyle and need. Price Range: £12.49 monthly plan (plus a one-off setup fee of £35), £134 annual plan (includes £35 setup fee), or £269 annual fall detector plan (includes £35 setup fee). 

You can call Lifeline24 on 0800 999 0400 and quote discount code “AS10” to save £10 or follow the link to their website below.

5. Buddi GPS Fall Detector Alarm

Buddi is a revolutionary GPS alarm with an integrated fall detector that will automatically raise the alert for you whenever you take a fall. The alarm consists of two parts that work together; the wristband and the clip. Doubling as a fall detector, the silicone wristband is comfortable and discreet, and it has two buttons on either side that you can press when you need help. The clip holds the GPS technology, as well as a microphone and loudspeaker to communicate with the care team. Small and lightweight, the clip can be easily attached to clothing, a handbag, or even a key ring. buddi gps wearable personal alarm When you raise the alarm, the Buddi dials through to a TSA approved 24/7 monitoring centre. Here, the highly-trained care team will attempt to communicate with you to determine if you need help. If you are outdoors and away from home, the built-in GPS means they’ll be able to see your location to pass it on to your key contacts, or the emergency services if needed. The Buddi is available for an upfront cost of £203, with a subscription fee of £22 per month. Age Space readers can save £10 on the initial order with the code “asbuddi10”.

6. Helpline

Helpline has been around for a long time, making a great name for themselves. They have an outstanding reputation for their response to emergency calls and great customer service.

Helpline personal alarm system

The safety of customers is their priority and they are determined to help keep them safe at all times. If you’re worried about an elderly relative being home alone or falling ill, then Helpline’s products can put your mind at rest. Helpline offer a range of products and personal alarms, including single and double pendant systems for not just one person but two!

The pendants can help when the wearer is feeling ill, has a fall or requires immediate assistance – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Statistics suggest that one in two people over the age of 75 will suffer a fall each year. Helpline are giving elderly people their independence back in the home.

Prices vary depending on equipment preference, but start at just £12.99 per month (plus set up cost).

Your Personal Alarm can be a life saver for your elderly parents so it’s well worth investing in one for peace of mind.  If you found this useful, you may also find our piece on 10 of the Best Live-in Care Companies quite handy too.

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