Careline provides life-saving personal alarms for elderly people in the UK.

Services include:

24/7 Support from a UK-based Emergency Response Centre

Mobile alarms with GPS technology, to call for help in the home and on the go

Fall detector alarms that will raise an alert call automatically

Classic Careline pendant alarms to provide independence in the home

A range of keysafes, smoke detectors, and other useful alarm accessories

Careline SOS GPS

Careline SOS GPS Alarm

The GO GPS Alarm is the first GPS-enabled personal alarm from Careline365. With the GO alarm, users can enjoy unbeatable peace of mind 24/7, both at home and on the go. Unlike traditional telecare alarms, the GO GPS Alarm does not require a landline connection. Here are some of its key features:

  • Mobile: connects to the mobile network so you can call for assistance wherever you are
  • GPS: Response Team can send help to your precise location in an emergency
  • Communication: contains a built-in speaker and microphone so you can communicate with the Response Team
  • Comfort: two discreet and comfortable wearing attachments provided
  • Simple: no installation required, just charge it up and you’re ready to go
  • Rechargeable: battery lasts up to 1-2 months between charges. Wireless charging unit provided
  • Waterproof: perfect for use in the bath and shower, with IP67 water resistance
Careline365 Panic Button

Careline Pendant Alarm

The pendant alarm is Careline365’s classic personal alarm. It helps thousands of people to stay safe and independent in their own homes every day. Users are connected to the 24/7 Response Team with just the touch of a button. Key features of the pendant alarm include:

  • Emergency button: raise the alarm with just the touch of a button
  • Waterproof: perfect for use in the bath and shower, with IP67 water resistance
  • Range: the pendant has an impressive range of 100 metres from the base unit
  • Discreet: the pendant is the size of a watch face, weighing just 7 grams
  • Comfort: choose whether to wear the pendant around the wrist or the neck
  • No charging: the pendant alarm has a 7-year battery life
  • Simple: it is very easy to set up the alarm. There is no need to have an engineer visit your home as they can talk you through it over the phone

NEW: Careline365 SmartLife Alarm

The SmartLife Alarm is all ready for the digital switch over in 2025, which means it doesn’t require a landline – you can put it anywhere in the house! One of our trusty reviewers Sacha took it for a spin – review coming soon!

careline smartlife alarm

We all want to stay safe and independent in our homes for as long as possible, but sometimes we need a little reassurance. A Careline alarm means help is never far away. Thousands of people across the UK have found peace of mind with Careline365 and their reviews speak for themselves. Across more than 1,775 reviews, they receive consistent 5 star ratings with an average of 4.76 stars. 96% of reviewers would recommend Careline365 services.

I got this system for my elderly parents Careline365 were ultra helpful and professional from the prompt deliver to the set up process and any other concerns I had were answered courteously and with empathy for our current situation. Careline365 have left me confident I’ve made the right choice.

*This content has been provide by Careline365