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Age Space Podcast

About the Age Space Podcast

The Age Space podcasts are a series of informal and lively chats between Age Space founder Annabel James and a whole range of experts in industries such as finance, health, psychiatry, travel and transport. In the episodes, which are freely available to listen to, we get to grips with some of the complexities of old age and elderly care for anyone supporting parents or relatives.

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are somewhere between an audio book and a radio programme. But, rather than tune in to the radio, and similar to buying an audio book, you can listen anytime, anywhere from your computer or mobile phone.

Podcasts are hosted by different platforms and made available through their individual ‘apps’. Ours are hosted by Podbean. You need to download the app in order to listen to a podcast.  Which app you should download depends on your device:

  • Apple devices (iPhones, iPads) have a built-in Podcasts app
  • The Stitcher app is good for Android devices – for instance smartphones and tablets by Samsung, Sony, Alcatel and Huawei use Android.

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Series 2

About Series 2 of the Age Space Podcast

With personal finance expert and author Jason Butler, Annabel explores: 

  • the practicalities of funding care, the state benefits available and how to get them;
  • NHS Continuing Care and how to apply for it;
  • they also discuss probate and how to best prepare for it.  

Later in the series, Dr Alex Bailey, old age psychiatrist, talks passionately about:

  • managing Depression in older people, explains the sleeping giant that is Delirium, and
  • some really useful insights into living with Dementia.

A lighter subject but just as fraught with difficulties, Debbie Marshall, founder of Silver Travel Advisor, discusses travel in old age. We explorehow to continue to make it fun. 

Rounding off this series of podcasts is Lorna Lee from the AA. We talk about the prickly subject of driving (29th November) – and when to stop – in old age.

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