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Travel Insurance for Over 70s

Travel Insurance for Over 70s

Travel is one of the great bonuses of having more leisure time in old age. One of the challenges before even packing the suitcase though may be finding the best – and best value – travel insurance for over 70s. Insurers increase the price because they perceive the risk of illness or medical emergency increases with age.

We have compiled this guide to over 70s travel insurance to help make the best decisions for peace of mind and wonderful holidays. As with any financial product, consult a regulated provider, and read the fine detail. This is particularly important with something such as holiday insurance for the over 70s and we explain why.

Why Travel insurance for the over 70s is important

There is a greater focus on medical and health cover in policies for the over 70s which may include:

  • Medical costs – to cover expenses for treatments, medication and equipment
  • Travel adjustments – due to medical requirements you may need to extend or shorten a trip
  • Caring assistance – travel with a companion/carer
  • Coronavirus cover – one of the most important at the moment you may be able to insure against medical expenses, cancellations and other issues related to Coronavirus

It is worth comparing different providers. Not all the big household name insurers will be able to help, and you may end up with a policy from a specialist insurer. You should be able to review them all on any number of comparison websites: as many of us know from bitter experience, the devil really lies in the detail, but these sites can be really helpful to get you started.

10 key tips about over 70s travel insurance

1.Upper Age Limit: make sure any policy under consideration doesn’t have age exclusions for those OVER a certain age – eg for an 80 year old an over-70s policy only includes those aged up to 79;

2.Pre-existing medical conditions: you will need to provide details of all pre-existing medical conditions as they will likely impact the level of cover available;  you can read more about pre-existing medical conditions here;

3.Minimum medical cover: different countries and continents have different medical costs, so depending on where you are going, be sure to have the right minimum level of medical cover; check also for medical transfers included in the policy; in a similar vein there will be different policies for travel in Europe to travel in the rest of the world;

4.Medical equipment and medication: if you need to take medical equipment with you then make sure its covered in the policy as it may be difficult to replace while you’re away.  This may also be true of certain regular medication, insulin for example (take enough with you – see below).

5.Travel companions: check whether other people you may be travelling with can be included on your policy – they may not then need to take out their own insurance.

6.Cancellation fees: along with illness or injury it is a good idea to check if bereavement is included in the policy;

7.Length of travel: some insurers may limit how long you can travel for in one trip if over a certain age.  The exact length of time will vary between insurers and also depending on if you choose a single or multi-trip policy.

8. Cruise insurance; you may well need to get a specific add-on to a policy for a cruise or for a skiing holiday. ADD Ben’s content

9. Level of excess payments: check the level of excess you may need to make before the policy will pay out.

10. Exclusions or conditions: the devil is in the detail, so read carefully what other exclusions or conditions may apply (not even age related, but for example – leaving baggage unattended will cancel a policy, or taking part in an extreme sport not included on the policy…. Whitewater rafting or skydiving granny may need different insurance….).

Other non-age related policy details and cover to look out for are repatriation costs, lost, stolen or damaged luggage; lost or stolen cash, and personal liability.  

The average cost of an annual travel insurance policy for the over 70s is £189.70

*Compare the Market data

The most popular holiday destinations for over 70s are Spain, USA, France, Italy, Portugal & Greek Islands


Keeping the costs down on travel insurance for over 70s

The cheapest travel insurance for over 70s isn’t always the best as it might not provide the right level of cover for your holiday, and it might also require higher excess payments before a claim is paid out.

travel insurance over 70s

In addition to our top ten tips, here are few considerations that may help with the costs:

  • Shop around and compare prices for the specific circumstances you have – pre-existing medical conditions, destination, length of holiday etc; (the dear old Post Office is also worth considering, with a long history of providing travel insurance for the over 70s)
  • There may be a significant price difference between single vs annual over 70 travel insurance policies
  • Beware tour operator insurance offers – some tour operators may offer insurance as part of the holiday when you book but you may find you get better value from an independent insurer
  • Group policies (for more than one person) are based on the oldest traveller – so separate cover may be cheaper
  • Check that in order to claim for a cancellation that you don’t need to prove the tour operator/airline won’t refund you first
  • Check excess/waivers on things like car hire are not additional
  • You may find that some destinations will require more expensive insurance – depending on their health care systems. Eg The USA vs European destinations
  • Check if the right level of travel insurance may be included with your bank account or a credit card

Bank Accounts with Travel Insurance for Over 70s

Some bank accounts offer travel insurance (with other extras) as incentives for you to bank with them. Here are some of the better options for getting travel insurance included in bank accounts:

Key Info
Co-op Bank Everyday Extra
World family travel insurance (max age 79)
Nationwide FlexPlus
World family travel insurance (max age 69 or 70+ with £65/year upgrade)
£13/month (+65/year for 70+ insurance)
Virgin Money Club M
World family travel insurance (max age 75)
Citigold Current Account
World family travel insurance (max age 79)
No monthly fee if a minimum balance of £150,000 is kept across Citi UK accounts – or else £75/month

Where to find over 70s travel insurance

As we mentioned, comparison sites are a great starting point to get a lot of quotes in one go. Or you can visit a travel insurance provider directly for a quote. 

Here are some options you could use – click whichever takes your fancy!

Travel tips for the over 70s

Before you go

Tips for travel

Put enough of any medication in your hand luggage should there be any delays etc; medication is not included in the weight allowance for each passenger so you can put the rest in your suitcase.

At your destination

Enjoy your holiday, and don’t forget to send a postcard!

FAQs on Travel Insurance for over 70s

Do all providers offer holiday insurance for over 70s?

No, not all providers offer travel insurance for over 70s because they don’t see it being profitable. However, there are still many different options for getting holiday insurance above a certain age.

Why is travel insurance for over 70s more expensive?

This is because the perceived risk of something that the insurer will need to pay out on is greater, and that the extent of any potential medical care is likely to be more than someone younger, and therefore also more expensive for the insurance company. So unfortunately, the incentive to offer over 70s competitively priced insurance isn’t there.

Can you get over 70s travel insurance if you have a medical condition?

Yes. It is really important in any holiday insurance you take out that you are clear and honest about any pre-existing medical conditions so that you can find insurance that fully covers you. Find out more about finding insurance with medical conditions here.

What is the maximum age for travel insurance?

This is entirely dependent on the provider, but for a lot of mainstream providers their cut-off will be around 70-75. However, there are plenty of other providers that have a higher threshold or none at all! SAGA, for example, has no upper limit on travel insurance.

How much does travel insurance for over 70s cost?

Travel insurance for the over 70s varies in price depending on a few factors including age, where you're going, what activities you do and for how long you are going. Generally you should expect to pay at least £60 but prices can exceed £200 for some types of cover. It is best to just think of this as part of the cost of going on holiday and to factor it in, because it is a necessary item.

Does being over 70 affect how long you can travel abroad?

Absolutely not. It may increase the price of the travel insurance you can get but it is completely up to you how long you go abroad for. That all being said you aren't as young as you used to be and your tolerance for long trips away might be less that it once was!

When should I buy travel insurance for over 70s?

Ideally you should get travel insurance as soon as you've booked your holiday. This is because you take on risk as soon as it's booked. If an aspect of your journey is cancelled you want it to be covered by your insurance.

Where is it most expensive to get travel insurance for?

Because of the cost of medical treatment, the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, China and Hong Kong are often the most expensive places to get travel insurance for. The price of travel insurance is even likely to differ a little bit in Europe with Spain, for example, being one of the pricier destinations, and Greece being less so.

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