Emotional Help

Emotional Help

No-one prepares you for the time when you realise that you have become the parent of your parents or carer for your elderly relatives.

Unlike raising a family there are not thousands of manuals, books or shared experiences.  It’s a stage of life that no-one really wants to talk about.

One of the hardest things to get to grips with is the emotional upheaval that comes with it.  Whether you’re caring from a distance, or have your parent living with you; if they are both still alive, or you are coping with the grief of losing a parent – its all really difficult.

This section aims to help you get to grips with the emotional stuff a bit more – to recognise that you’re definitely not alone, weird or bad.


Re-thinking relationships: what you need to know

So how do YOU feel?

It’s important not to forget to about yourself, how do you really feel?

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Coronavirus Support Group

In light of the current situation with Coronavirus we’ve created a group for people supporting elderly relatives at risk of Coronavirus.

A chance to virtually meet others in the same position, ask questions and share your experience in these strange and uncertain times.

It’s going to be a big team effort to get through this.