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3 wishes from Grace Consulting for the future of care

To celebrate the launch of Age Space’s new partnership with Grace Consulting it’s founder Chris Cain, with 30 years experience in the sector, tells us his 3 wishes for the future of care for our parents and relatives.

How it all started

Grace ConsultingOver thirty years ago my 90 year old grandmother had become frail of body, though still strong of mind. The responsibility of providing the right level of care for her weighed heavily, particularly because she was unrealistic about her real needs.

Hey presto – Grace Consulting

And this is why I started Grace Consulting all those years ago. We now offer advice throughout the UK, with a team of experienced care advisers able to visit families wherever they may live.  Additionally, we lobby for higher standards of care provision, and we have spent much time joining discussions with Government policymakers and encouraging more funding for and better standards of care.

There are many concerns – not just about finding care, but about who has to pay for care, what allowances there may be, and how to approach a parent who is not ready to listen and is unwilling to “make a fuss” by asking for help.

What we should all know about later years

Grace ConsultingIt is right that we should expect to remain healthy in our later years, but sadly about a quarter of us will need support at some stage. How many of us know enough about care options, costs and where to go to get advice and support, should we fall into the 25% who cannot manage independently?

As we get older and more dependent it is natural to want to stay at home for as long as possible and there are plenty of ways to support this wish. Often we find that the spirit of independence stays on longer than the body is able to maintain living as one would want. We always encourage early planning, and our Care Advisers encourage people to review means of support at the earliest onset of frailty.

Chris’s 3 wishes for the future of long-term care

If I could have three wishes granted that would improve the long-term future of care, they would be that:

  1. Grace ConsultingThe Care Quality Commission (CQC), and the equivalent bodies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, be funded to carry out more regular inspection of care providers.
  2. Government, at long last, deliver a Care Act that gives clear guidance on care funding for the foreseeable future, so that people can be sure what financial plans they can make and fully understand free funding allowances.
  3. Everyone remains inquisitive and demanding about care needs for themselves or family members, to ensure they achieve the best possible care.

So many sources of information are available to us these days. However, arranging care is just not as simple as checking out motor insurance or holiday deals, which is why Agespace’s dedicated site is so helpful in giving families a platform on which to share experiences, and why Grace’s Care Advisers  provide experienced personalised support to guide people through difficult care decisions.

You can speak to a Grace Care Adviser directly by calling 01483-209613. We always listen carefully to each situation before suggesting the right level of help and explaining our fees. We are also linked to many health insurance plans such as Benenden Healthcare, so if you or one of your family are already members of such a plan our advice can be free.

Chris is Chairman of Grace Care Consulting

[email protected]