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Help For You

Help For You

You may not consider yourself or one of your parents to be a carer,  particularly as it wasn’t a job you actually applied for.  Wherever you are on the caring spectrum, you need to be as fit, healthy and happy as possible in order to support and/or care for someone else.  It’s exhausting physically and emotionally, as well as frightening, and sometimes, a bit of a nuisance.    There’s good old fashioned guilt to dealing with the physical demands of long and tiring days, and sometimes nights.  This section aims to help you navigate through the emotional and practical stuff for you, the carer (even if you don’t recognise the term to describe what you think you do for your parents).

Emotional Stuff

No-one prepares you for the time when you realise that you have become the parent of your parents…. we provide guidance and support for you in this section.

Practical Stuff

Juggling caring with work and/or family;  funding available for caring… read more here.


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Coronavirus Support Group

In light of the current situation with Coronavirus we’ve created a group for people supporting elderly relatives at risk of Coronavirus.

A chance to virtually meet others in the same position, ask questions and share your experience in these strange and uncertain times.

It’s going to be a big team effort to get through this.