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SECOM CareTech Personal Alarms

Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Instant alerts sent to your
loved one’s smartphone
via SECOM Care app.

Fall detection alerts raised
automatically without
pressing a button.

The alarm has two-way
communication so you can
speak directly with the
monitoring team.

secom personal alarms location pin

GPS tracking so the
monitoring team can send
help to your precise

secom gps personal alarms wireless

Discreet and wireless
personal safety devices to
use wherever you’re at home
or out and about.

Fully connected and
supported by SECOM’s UK
monitoring team 24/7 365.

SECOM CareTech Personal Alarm Options

SECOM CareTech have a variety of personal alarms and packages for you to discover and meet your needs; to give you independence and peace of mind. This table presents the range of personal alarms available and breaks them down into categories to help you decide which personal alarm is the best one for you.

If you or the person you’re buying for is registered disabled or has a long-term health condition, you may be entitled to VAT relief. Please let their customer care team know if you are eligible.

A Simple Pendant

With a simple pendant combined with an in-hub alert system users can feel comfortable that they will able to get help instantly in an emergency at home or in the garden.

From £4.47 a week

Adds Fall Detection

All of the benefits of the Care Hub plus automatic fall detection built in. If the wearer falls, the alarm picks that up and raises the alarm without the need for a button press.

From £5.79 a week

GPS Alarm

The Care GO has all the bells and whistles. With automatic fall detection, GPS, and the ability to have a two-way call directly through the device it provides ultimate reassurance in the home but also out and about.

From £4.88 a week

About the SECOM Care App

The SECOM Care app is an additional feature that many other personal alarm providers do not offer. This means that SECOM CareTech can provide you with access to 24/7 monitoring from a professionally trained response team, along with the security of an app that your loved ones can access any time an alert is raised so that they can respond to you or see who has responded to an alert. The app allows your loved ones to be set up as emergency contacts, so they can create their own response network to monitor as much or as little as you would like, with automatic escalation to SECOM monitoring when required.

How the app works

1. Activation

If you are in distress, feel unwell or suffer a fall, and your alarm is triggered, it will activate an alert to the app which will notify your emergency contacts.

2. Community Response

Your emergency contacts will receive a notification instantly in which they can respond to your alarm and handle the situation, escalating to SECOM monitoring when necessary.

3. Help is on the way

If your emergency contacts aren’t available, SECOM monitoring will step in straight away to assess the situation and call the emergency services if required and notify your emergency contacts.

In addition to this you will never need to worry about a device’s battery or power status as all data is stored in a cloud in real-time, and all data is visible within the app which can be accessed at any time. This ensures that you and your loved ones will be at ease when an emergency occur

About SECOM CareTech

SECOM CareTech is the only personal alarm provider in the UK operated by a professional security service. Our personal alarms and smart home monitoring systems link directly to a world-class alarm receiving centre, where some of the UK’s best trained security specialists monitor alarms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to give you the best support all year round every step of the way.

Customer Testimonials

I needed the confidence that the system I had selected would offer my mother the best cover I could find… and the CareTech system does exactly that. I would recommend this system to anybody who is looking for emergency cover/contact for a loved one.

Steve Parkinson

The response to my activation was very quick and dealt with well. The process to purchase was easy and had all my questions answered.

Simon Galwey