Smart Wellness by SECOM

Helping people remain happy and independent at home

Why Smart Wellness?

Smart Wellness is designed for independent living and elderly home care. It’s the complete package to provide support and peace of mind. As a leading security provider, SECOM have utilised their security expertise and advanced technology to deliver a discreet and unobtrusive independent living solution

At a Glance

Instantly check on unusual activity or inactivity at any time of day.

See whether doors and gates have been shut properly and set up alerts for wandering.

Check in on loved ones throughout the day to see them safe and sound.

Get notified if a loved one hasn’t taken their medicine.

The Starter Package

Every SECOM Smart Wellness Package only includes the parts that would be useful to you and your family. 

Starting at £250.90 (inc. VAT)
+ £30.64 monthly monitoring

Martin & his parents: an example

In addition to the basic Smart Wellness package above, Martin and his parents, Di and Andrew, added the following to customise their package to best fit their needs. 

The Idea: an affordable care alternative

As our loved ones get older, we worry about them more – often for good reason. But most people are still able to live independently in their own home without any external help or support. Often all they need is for someone to check in on them once in a while to make sure they’re living well and looking after themselves. This is where SECOM’s Smart Wellness is perfect. It can empower you and your family to live healthier, happier lives as you stay connected.

Through discreet, unintrusive and unobtrusive sensors, this independent living solution allows you to check in on your loved ones remotely through a smart app. What’s even better is that you don’t need to go into the app to know what your loved is doing. You can receive alerts if the system detects anything unusual. So, you get relief and reassurance without the need for an unnecessary costly carer and your loved one keeps their independence as they live safely and securely in their own home for much longer.

What SECOM's customers have to say...

“SECOM’s Wellness has been a saviour for me. My mum has early onset dementia, so it’s been a challenging time for us. But SECOM puts my mind at ease. They have a great system that keeps us connected all the time, and intelligent with its alerts and reporting. I can now see her routine and if she’s been having restless nights or not eating, things like that. Also if anything is out of the ordinary, like if she leaves the front door open. We have set it up how we want so it does most of the work for us and mum is able to get the support and independence she needs to live a safer life.”

Sam, verified customer

Get a quote today

SECOM Smart Wellness is a package that is tailored to you and your loved one’s needs. To get started just fill out a quick form on their website, or this one here (we’ll send it straight to them), and one of their experts will be in touch to find out what you need and design a bespoke package around you.

How does Smart Wellness work?

Using sensors placed around the house, Smart Wellness monitors movement, door and medicine cabinet activity and behavioural patterns and changes. This can provide you with insightful information about whether your loved one is up and about, periods of inactivity which could suggest they haven’t got out of bed or experienced a fall, or if they are displaying unusual behaviour. This information is sent to the free smart app and the data is displayed within Wellness platform there which you will have access to.

Notification on SECOM Smart WellnessInformation from the sensors is sent to the Wellness app, which then sends notifications to you and other nominated contacts you and you loved one wish to have. The alerts let you know if you need to contact your loved one to check if everything is ok or pay them a visit. You can set up mobile alerts how you like, to suit you and your loved ones’ needs and requirements. You can base these on what you want to know such as specific events, inactivity, or both, so you can measure what matters. You can also set and unset alarms remotely in case your loved one forgets when they go out.

Secom smart wellness reportsYou receive daily reports in the Wellness platform, viewing sensor activity by rooms and times. If you install Wellness and don’t set specific notifications, you can still receive basic reporting. That way so you can still easily build up patterns of your loved one’s activity and routine behaviour, as well as identify any abnormal events or unusual behaviour. We are committed to improving the lives of our customers. With smart home monitoring from SECOM, it can help you anticipate future care needs or spot premature signs of illness so you can take action early before it’s too late.

SECOM Smart Wellness monitoring centreSmart Wellness allows self-monitoring, where only you and your loved ones are informed of activity and have the platform access to ensure privacy is kept. You can also benefit from SECOM’s expert monitoring team. Wellness also serves as a security system, as it has an intruder alarm and professional monitoring from SECOM’s NSI Gold accredited control and command centre who are available 24/7 365 days a year. You can receive alerts for the intruder alarm so if someone was to break into your loved one’s home, you and our monitoring team will be notified. If you are not there to respond to an alarm alert, SECOM can step in and make sure everything is ok, escalating to the emergency services if required.

The Tech

Apart from people, technology has always been at the heart of SECOM’s world-leading security systems, and it is no different here as it is the smart technology that enables everything to give insightful data and protection to help you loved one stay living independently for longer.

However, it is not about fitting out your parent’s home like something from Mission Impossible with lots of fancy equipment and gadgets. No, SECOM’s Smart Wellness is a tailored package designed around your family’s wants and needs, with non-intrusive sensors, simple cameras, and an intruder alarm. Every package contains only the tech equipment you want and need and is professionally installed by our engineers. They can help you set the system and app up how you and your loved one would like. That way you can get a full picture of their wellbeing without intruding on their privacy. 

How much does Smart Wellness cost?

Depending on how you tailor your package, prices start from £250.90 and a monitoring service charge of £30.64, billed monthly, which includes a 30% discount that’s exclusively online. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Smart Wellness includes a full security and intruder alarm system, for no additional cost, to give your loved one the security they need to live safely and includes our monitoring and maintenance services, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

The total first year cost £618.58 is equivalent to £11.89 per week for year one, reducing to £7.07 thereafter.