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The Book About Getting Older by Dr Lucy Pollock

An important guide to getting older and looking after our older relatives

Reviewed by Caroline Lees
Reviewed by Caroline Lees


Dr Lucy Pollock (who for more than 20 years has been a consultant geriatrician working in Somerset) has managed to write an excellent book about the ups and downs of getting older. As she says “older people are just all of us growing up”. So it is a book for “people who are getting very old and those who love them” however it is also for “all of us, who if we are lucky, become old.”

About the book

The book is well structured as each chapter deals with one subject which contains case histories, discussions and resolutions of issues. There is a list of the references at the end of each chapter so the reader does not have to refer to the back of the book often then forgetting what one wants to look up!

She writes with optimism and good advice about the small changes one can make to improve one’s life. Difficult issues are looked at in a most sensitive way helping us bring up the conversations that we all put off. She has a wonderful way with words as she recounts the way these conversations can be opened up with her patients and their carers.

This book is an easy read yet it deals with some very difficult issues in a calm and sensitive way. I re-read this book in order to write this review only to find that it was just as readable, interesting, full of good advice and ideas and empathetic as when first read.

In short it is an excellent book which can be read through to the end, or by dipping into a relevant chapters. I will certainly be keeping it as a book that I can refer back to again and again.

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Would you recommend this book?

I could not agree more with Sandi Toksvig whose review on the front of the book states that is is “the most important book about the second half of your live you’ll ever read.” I have recommended this book to all my friends and I feel sure that you will enjoy it too.