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Dementia Essentials by Jan Hall

A how-to approach to dementia care and guidance

Reviewed by Barbara Miller
Reviewed by Barbara Miller


I offered to review this book as my husband is suffering from Lewy Body dementia and Parkinsons
and became a little disappointed that the book appears to concentrate mostly on Alzheimer’s

However it deals with dementia fairly compassionately and with a good deal of advice on how to
provide care.

About the book

The book details the journey through dementia by inserting quotes from carers who have
lived with a sufferer. This is generally a good technique but does become quite irritating after
a few chapters. It does however seem quite detached at times and also very self-opinionated, as though
most people are affected similarly, which is not always the case.

Indeed some points are a little idealistic especially with reference to the help experienced
throughout the country. However there are some good points directing carers on how to handle various problems
that arise from dementia although carers are only given a small part of the book on how to cope themselves.

My main objection is at the end of the book when it seems that care homes are the only alternative for dementia sufferers and although there is quite a chapter on this issue there is little suggestion that there are other ways to help loved ones through the disease. I found the objectivity here quite disappointing.

There is a useful list of contacts and terms at the end of the book and an index to guide readers to the various issues.

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Because of the structure from quotes, this book may be useful at the beginning of a dementia diagnosis but I regret to say that it is rather more objective than sympathetic and understanding.