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What I wish people knew about dementia by Wendy Mitchell

A personal look at living with dementia

Reviewed by Margaretta Brown
Reviewed by Margaretta Brown


In this excellent book, Wendy Mitchell takes us by the hand and leads us through the many different ways she has found for living life as fully and as independently as possible.

About the book

She offers principles, guidelines and practical help for survival, with strategies for coping in all sorts of situations, both for sufferers and carers.

She shows us that the attitudes of family, friends and professionals  have a huge influenceon how the person living with dementia will feel about themselves and therefore how well they will cope with their diagnosis.  Recognising the person’s sense of self and protecting their self esteem must be the primary aim of those around them.

The author is asking us to always remember that people living with this disease are first and foremost individuals who would love to be treated as such, people who each have their own life stories, personalities, hopes and dreams.

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For people caring for a person with dementia, this book is a beacon of light showing the way forward.