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Home The 100 year life by Lynda Grattan & Andrew J Scott

The 100 year life by Lynda Grattan & Andrew J Scott

Reviewed by Susanna Callaghan
Reviewed by Susanna Callaghan


Thanks to a variety of factors, life expectancy is extending significantly. This poses new challenges as the traditional three-stage life of education, work and retirement is no longer viable for a 100-year life.

Lynda Gratton and Andrew J Scott draw on their experiences in psychology and economics to examine the options and offer practical solutions to the challenges ahead.

About the book

The authors make a compelling argument that a longer life requires dramatic changes, not just in terms of financial planning, but in every area of life. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of life: finance, work, health and vitality and relationships.

Through a comprehensive assessment of our tangible and intangible assets, the authors lay out how life stages worked in the past, our current situation and potential new life scenarios.

They put forward life studies for three hypothetical individuals born in 1945, 1971 and 1998, to show how things worked in the past, our current changing situation and potential new scenarios. These show how change needs to happen on every level of society: our work, home and social lives need to become more flexible, as we need to re-create ourselves a number of times during a longer life. This offers exciting possibilities for different generations to benefit from each other’s wisdom, as we will have more opportunities to study, live and work together.

This is what energised me the most: the possibilities for different age groups to value, respect and benefit from each other’s life experiences and strengths.

This book covers issues affecting all of us and offers much food for thought. I read it slowly, considered the issues and discussed them with my family. I now understand how I and society can take positive action to change work, home and social patterns to make the most of our longer lives. I’m excited about the possibilities.

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This book is essential reading for individuals and organisations, as changes need to occur on every level. It is well worth reading, re-reading, analysing your tangible and intangible assets and embracing new ways forward for you and every generation of your family.