CallGenie - Video Calls Direct to Their TV

CallGenie allows your elderly parent to accept video calls directly through their TV, without them needing to press a single button.  It uses Skype, is simple to set-up, and comes with 12 months warranty and support. 

What is CallGenie?

CallGenie allows single or group video calling directly through your relative’s TV. It is specifically designed with elderly people in mind – especially those with a favourite chair. 

The TV is usually the biggest screen in most people’s home and can be the only bit of tech that they’re comfortable using. CallGenie makes use of that by using a webcam and a clever little box, connected directly into the TV, that means it can accept and answer video calls automatically from Skype. All you have to do is ring them through Skype and their TV will automatically switch over and connect the video call. It even works when your TV is on standby! Then you can chat normally, as if you were in their living room. Once you’re finished, hang up and the CallGenie will resume their TV show. 

How Does it Work?


Get Set-Up

Plug in the box, connect it to Wi-Fi and to the TV and you’re all set-up! If you need any help Call Genie will be on hand to help.


Make a Call

Make a call through Skype on either your phone, iPad or computer. 


Call Genie will Accept the Call

CallGenie will turn on the TV (if needed) or if not it will connect the call automatically without your elderly relative needing to do anything.


Enjoy your Call

Enjoy having a catch up with your loved on on the big screen, where to them it can even feel like you are in the room!


Finish your Call

Hang up when your call is finished and CallGenie will end the call and return the TV back to whichever channel they were watching (or turn the TV back off).

Who is CallGenie for?

CallGenie is a really neat bit of tech that can be great for all kinds of people. Those who struggle a bit with technology, who might be a little less mobile than they used to, people without a computer or those who are feeling more lonely and isolated from friends and family. Many elderly people have felt much more isolated over the course of the pandemic, and it’s hard for them to connect through the technology we all use without thinking. That is why solutions like CallGenie are so important to help them feel like part of the family again.

Fully Automated Video Calling

Your elderly relative doesn't need to do anything to be able to answer video calls on their existing TV. Sit back, relax and enjoy staying in touch with family.

Safe, private, closed network

Only answers calls incoming from friends and family - including group calls! CallGenie makes use of Skype's privacy features to make it safe and secure.

No Monthly Fees

No monthly fees to pay and 12 months of full support included with every package.

Buy the CallGenie today

You can choose from a HD or Full HD (better quality) within your CallGenie package. Included in your purchase is all of the hardware you need and the wires you need to plug into your TV, free remote set-up from CallGenie and 12 months of support and warranty. CallGenie is eligible for VAT relief that means if your elderly relative meets the eligibility requirements, you won’t need to pay VAT.

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