Komp from No Isolation

Video Calling Made Simple

What she loved

- Super simple set-up
- Amazing video call quality
- Makes the isolated feel more part of family life

Our Experience with Komp

Komp is designed for elderly parents or grandparents who struggle to use the tech that we take for granted. It enables families to overcome tech barriers and help lonely or isolated older people feel part of family life. To do this Komp has to meet one major requirement – it has to be as simple as possible to use.

We think they have achieved this, as Roey confirms in her review below. All your elderly parent has to do is plug in the device to the wall using the nice, long power cord, and then pass the technological responsibility to you, to finish the set up using the companion Komp App. Once you’re all set up you, and members of your family you set up on the app, can initiate a video call with your relative without them needing to do anything. Once you press “Call”, Komp automatically answers the call after a 10 second countdown. No fiddling around trying to find the answer button, or setting up a webcam – just sit down with a cuppa and enjoy each other’s company.

Komp goes further than just making video calling easy. Yourself and your family can all send photos and messages to the Komp’s screen. While we are all so used to knowing what is going on in our friends’ and family’s lives through social media like Facebook, older people who don’t use tech are so often left out. Komp enables them to once again feel involved in the lives of those they might not be able to see as regularly as they used to.

  • No Landline Required (SIM or Wi-FI)
  • No touch screen - one button (just like a radio knob)
  • Super Simple Set Up
  • Answers video calls automatically after 10seconds 
  • Loud and clear speaker and microphone
  • Set it up on a table or mount on a wall
  • No login details to remember - invite friends and family to the app using a link

  • Komp and mains cable included in the box
  • Large 21" inch screen
  • Easy to use companion App sets up Komp
  • One administrator for set up
  • Display is customisable and can show weather for chosen location

Roey's Experience: Hands on with Komp

We have a panel of older people who review products featured on Age Space. We asked Roey, 89, from London, to set up the Komp in her home use it for a week with her two daughters.

After using it it for the week, we gave her a call (through Komp itself!) and asked her for her thoughts. Click on each question to read her answer. 

Komp is meant to be set up by even the most tech inexperienced - how did you find it?

That certainly rings true! All I needed to do was unpack it from its box, place it on a table, and plug it into the mains. It turned on instantly and displayed a code, which I passed onto my friend Ben, to complete the set up. From my end the set up really couldn't be any easier

Where did you set it?

I put it on a little side table in the living room. It's just like a big photo frame or TV really. You can also set it up on the wall and I think I would do that if I had it for longer.

Once Ben was set up on the app did you try video calls?

Yes! She initiated the call through the app and the Komp said "Ben is calling, answering in 10 seconds". I sat down on my sofa and when the 10 seconds were up - there he was clear as day! It was easily the best video call experience I've ever had. We've tried Zoom and Skype before but honestly they're so tricky to set up and the calls are so unsatisfactory that they get in the way of talking to one another, so much so that we just revert to the odd landline call. But video calling through Komp is so different - it honestly feels like he's in the room! The picture is really clear, the sound is loud and it doesn't cut out when anyone is speaking. It was so good and easy that Ben, my daughters and I had multiple calls throughout the week. At the end of the call they end it. I don't have to do anything!

What else did your family use Komp for?

Well Ben set up my two daughters, Robyn and Tessa,  up so that we could test it properly. Throughout the week they were all able to send me messages and photos about what they're doing, which all appeared instantly on the Komp screen. I'm always wondering what my family are up to so it was so nice to be able to see their photos and to feel part of the family again. These photos all cycle through on Komp so I know I've never missed one.

What happens if you don't want to be called?

There is only one button on Komp, but it's very easy to use. You simply twist the knob all the way to the left and you hear a click and the screen turns off - it's just like an over knob or a radio. Ben could also set up a "do not disturb" time - which meant that people couldn't call me at certain times (at night). 

Who do you see getting the most Komp?

Well I think the people that would get the most out of it are those who are completely tech illiterate and who aren't able to see their family much. Certainly over COVID there will have been a lot of people like that that would have benefited from Komp. I can especially see a use for Komp in a care home room or for someone who is bedridden because the user really doesn't have to do anything to be able to video call - not even accept the call. However, I think just because of how good the video calling is with Komp, I think most elderly people would benefit from using it. Video calling is so superior to normal calling and Komp makes it so simple and easy. So, for the price of a good smart phone that does video calling, your family could get Komp. 

Overall what do you think?

I'm so impressed at just how good it is. I can certainly see myself or some of my friends getting a lot from Komp. It really overcomes any technological barrier in connecting to your family over the internet. I can imagine that, in some ways, I could be a part of a family holiday, be at family events I can't travel to, and speak to my daughters a lot more. 

We also asked Ben, who helped set up the Komp on the app, what it was like from his perspective.

How easy was the app to set up?

It was pretty simple! I downloaded the app, entered the code Roey gave me, set up my own account and I was in! I did have to let it access some the camera and microphone on my phone, so I had to go into my phone settings to do that - but other than that it was very straight forward. I connected the Komp to Roey's Wi-Fi (even though it had a 4G SIM included). I was then able to send an invite to Robyn to get set up too. 

How was video calling from your perspective?

Really good - I'm as impressed as Roey was. The camera has a really wide angle so it enabled you to see the whole room. The picture quality was very clear and we could hear each other very well. It was, as Roey says, much better than Zoom or Skype.

Was the app easy to use?

Absolutely. The Komp is very customisable. Roey wasn't a fan of the screen rotating so often so you could just turn it off or change how often the pictures cycled through. 



  • Large, clear and bright screen
  • 1 button makes it really easy to use
  • Set up can be done remotely on the app
  • Add up to X family members to the app
  • Share photos instantly
  • Fantastic video calling quality
  • No need for Komp user to do anything to answer or hang up calls
  • Wide camera lens gets everyone in frame
  • Rest on table or fix to a wall
  • Do not disturb mode available
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • No usernames or passwords
  • High level of privacy and encryption


  • Limited choice on background images
  • By design, Komp user cannot initiate their own video call - can only receive them
  • No choice in colours - only black option

It's so simple to set up and use - I honestly believe anyone can make use of video calls with this device

How to buy Komp

There are two ways that you can buy Komp. You can either rent the device monthly, or buy it outright. With both options you will get the device itself, a long power cable and plug, access to the free companion app, local support, and free shipping (within 3-5 days).

If your elderly relative does not have Wi-Fi in their home you can get a 4G SIM with Komp (for £19 / month) or use another internet provider of your choice.

There is a 30-day free returns policy. 

Buy Komp

Purchase Komp outright for a one-time cost of £699

What other people have said about Komp

"This has to be the product of the year. You have solved a huge problem in the market with the simplicity of the total solution for people who don’t know tech at all. My mother has never used a mobile phone of any kind, iPad or computer. Now the problem is solved and we can chat every day. This really is a life saver."

"We have been so much happier since getting a Komp for my mum in the care home, all her family and friends can connect to her at a touch, see her, talk to her, so easy to use as she does not have to do a thing."