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Tenura Non-Slip Living Aids

Anti-slip silicone may not sound very exciting but it’s an easy, cost- effective solution for many daily tasks that become  difficult, frustrating and even frightening in old age.

Tenura supply a variety of simple, anti-slip silicone living aids for elderly and disabled people. Their range of products includes everything from non-slip bath stickers and shower aids to silicone jar openers and coasters.

As well as preventing accidents, these living aids can enable people to retain their independence and live alone for longer.

As we age, lots of the daily tasks that we might take for granted may get more difficult. Losing grip strength, eye-hand co-ordination, balance, are all very normal changes older people might experience. However, common conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, or a fall can increase problems with even the smallest things like not slipping in the bath, holding cutlery or opening jars.

This is where Tenura’s range of non-slip silicone products for elderly and disabled can help. You’ll be surprised at how such small, well-designed, simple products have the potential to make life so much easier.

Non-Slip Bath Mat Alternatives and Shower Aids

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to help prevent slips and falls in the bath or shower is to lay non-slip bath stickers on the floor. Unlike a non-slip bath mat, anti-slip strips & discs don’t collect mould and dirt, and blend into the bathroom. They are also incredibly quick and easy to install. 

Tenura sells anti-slip bath and shower stickers as discs or strips in rolls of approximately 30 strips or 72 discs. 

£7.77 exc. VAT

Silicone Jar Openers and Cutlery Grips

If grip strength or dexterity is becoming an issue for someone, then the following products may be of use.

One of the trickiest daily living tasks for those with reduced grip strength is opening jars or bottles, even loosely tightened ones. Tenura has a range of different sized jar and bottle openers that enable you to get grip and purchase on lids.

By using silicone, these jar and bottle openers are flexible and durable. The design means that each size works for a variety of jars and bottles. For many people this simple tool is a must as a kitchen living aid. You can also buy both the jar and bottle opener as a set.

Cutlery grips can fit onto spoons, knives, forks (and even toothbrushes) to help make smaller handles easier to hold and control, without requiring as much grip strength.

All of these products, and grip aids in general, can also be great arthritis aids for those living with weaker or stiffer joints.

silicone jar opener

From £5.03 exc. VAT

silicone bottle opener

From £3.81 exc. VAT

cutlery grip

£36.48 exc. VAT

Non-Slip Table & Floor Mats

In the kitchen, anti-slip table mats are ideal to help stop a chopping board or mixing board slipping while being used. 

Similarly, anti-slip floor mats can be used in the kitchen, and around the house; those places where people might be most at risk of falling; especially if they are putting their weight more on one foot, for example when getting up from a sofa on a hard wood floor.

non-slip table mat

From £11.67 exc. VAT

anti-slip table mat

From £11.67 exc. VAT

Silicone Coasters and CupCaps

Non-slip silicone coasters helps to spilling hot liquid by being more stable and easier to use than other coasters. Tenura even sells supported anti-slip cup holders to provide an even more secure option for holding mugs and cups. 

If spillage might be an issue, or drinking has become difficult – maybe while recovering from a stroke – then CupCaps might also come in handy. Stretchy silicone lids, CupCaps are designed to fit over any cup, mug or can to prevent spillage. The user can then drink using a straw without there being a risk of spillage. 

silicone coaster

From £5.18 exc. VAT

silicone cup holder

From £8.25 exc. VAT


From £11.82 exc. VAT

Grip Strips, Mats and Non-Slip Fabrics

For use on smooth, slippery surfaces, grip strips, mats, rolls and fabrics can provide a versatile solution if none of the above products fit the exact scenario you need. With a super-sticky adhesive backing, they can stick to most flat, clean surfaces and turn them into grippy ones – e.g. in a cutlery draw, on a shelf or under a carpet. 

Tenura has a few options when it comes to these products. You can buy an extreme non-slip mat, anti-slip grip strips and rolls, and non-slip soft fabrics.

extreme grip mat

From £10.78 exc. VAT

non-slip adhesive rolls

From £3.12 exc. VAT

non-slip fabric

From £8.25 exc. VAT

VAT Exemption Explained

Nearly all of Tenura’s products are eligible for VAT Relief, also known as Exemption (except for non-slip fabric, Tenura Extreme, bath and shower stickers). VAT exemption means that someone who is chronically sick or disabled is exempt from paying VAT on products that they will use to help them in their daily lives. To claim VAT exemption all you need to do is fill out a VAT exemption form when purchasing from Tenura, and VAT will not be added to the product. 

About Tenura

Tenura are a living aids company who specialise in anti-slip, highly grip-able bespoke products made from high quality, non-toxic Silicone.  Their products are designed with the end user in mind whether it be an older person, one living with a disability, or children. 

By producing their products from Silicone, they are able to produce living aids that are:

  • sticky and grippy
  • completely non-toxic and food-safe
  • anti-bacterial – no germs can harbour on them (safe in food / medical environments)
  • heat resistant
  • washable (dishwasher safe)
  • available in different sizes and colours

This combination of features means that the silicone products provide grip on dry, smooth and slippery services or enable you to get more grip or purchase on fiddly items like jars or cutlery.

kids silicone table mat

Tenura Kids Products

Tenura’s food-safe, flexible, silicone-based products are also great for kids. They can help keep cups upright, plates better stable on the table (and not on the floor as much!), or bath time safer. In addition to the products on this page you can also buy fun table mats like those above!

tenura logo

Tenura Services

Do you like what you see on this page and know of more people who might benefit from them? Tenura has a range of services, mainly for resellers and retailers to help showcase their products:

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