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Are you a Cuban Classic or a Clapped-out Banger

Guest blogger, Kerry Dolan is a trained Hypnotherapist, NLP and Life Coach practitioner who specialises in womens health and well-being. She has some great advice for us ladies of certain years on how to look after ourselves – both mind and body! 

Apologies for any men who got sucked in by the car analogy, but like cars, at a certain age our bodies begin to show signs of wear and tear. Bad habits that we previously ‘got away with’ begin to reap penalties, showing up as a range of symptoms, particularly around peri-menopause and menopause. But, before you reach for the medicine cabinet, perhaps it’s time to renegotiate the terms of your tenancy agreement with your body. After all, a headache is rarely a sign of a deficiency in paracetamol.


Top Tips for maintaining a classic:

Use Quality Fuel

There is no silver bullet when it comes to nutrition; we are all unique. Seeing an experienced nutritionist can help you to find the right balance for your own body.

Be mindful that your body works hard to extract the nutrients you need from the food you consume.  When you eat processed, refined and sugary foods, all that effort can be for nothing. Eating whole grains and foods that don’t need a label are your best bet. These foods don’t cause the insulin spikes and crashes that refined carbohydrates and sugars do. As our bodies are constantly striving for balance, these crashes and spikes trigger an emergency response. Stress hormones are released and your body demands a quick fix-and let’s face it, that’s never going to be a nice salad!


To maintain a steady blood sugar profile, make sure every meal and snack contains protein and fibre.

Nutritionist DR Libby Weaver’s book Rushing Woman’s Synodrome is a fantastic guide to the impact of stress and diet on our bodies.

Make Frequent Pit Stops

When we operate in top gear for protracted periods our bodies do not run efficiently. Simply put, the energy required to maintain high speeds leaves little for maintenance and, over the years, this can take its toll.

Find gaps in your day to slow down, even for a minute or two. Your body will respond by switching into rest and repair mode, getting on with its own to-do list while you take time out from yours.

Take It Out For A Spin

Our bodies were designed to move. If you leave them sitting on the driveway or in a garage they begin to cease up.


Yoga (particularly restorative yoga), Qigong, Pilates and Tai Chi are great forms of exercise as they tone and strengthen your body whilst activating the relaxation response (the antidote to stress), soothing and aiding your body to manage the fluctuating hormones that characterise menopause and are less likely to trigger a hot flush than more strenuous forms of exercise.

Take time to find a class/teacher that is right for you and learn to enjoy being in your body again.

Show It Off!

If you haven’t already learned to appreciate your own distinctive beauty and character then now is the time to do it. You have learned lessons, uncovered gifts and honed your skills. You have your unique wisdom to impart and to rely on.

Don’t blend in with the crowd, be guided by your own passions and drives. Now is the time to edit your life, get rid of fears and limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past and find out what you are truly capable of.

For more information visit Wombservice or call 07748660703

Kerry’s shared some free guided hypnosis on managing menopause symptoms – Control Room For Menopause  or for relaxation – Rainbow Relaxation For Menopause

For more useful advice on looking after yourself, here’s a lovely blog from Mindful Cook Josie Buck on ‘Why caring for someone else should being with caring for yourself’