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Bills, e-bikes and bruschetta!

In her latest News Space blog, Age Space’s Annabel James looks at news and views about elderly care and carers.

Tens of thousands of ‘severely mentally impaired’ people – and that includes people with dementia – who are entitled to a council tax discount could be missing out on about £400 a year.

The people at Money Saving Expert published a major report which found councils could be overcharging up to 100,000 people. They’ve prepared this useful guide to show how to check if you’re due the discount – and how to claim it.

The “big bill” blues

And that council tax discount could certainly help, as Age UK’s Struggling On report says that a million older people could be just one big bill – that’s £200 – away from financial disaster. Many pensioners on low, fixed incomes spend extra on health items, heating and travel due to illness, disability, insecure or poor housing and living far from their families.

Here at Age Space we know that money can be such an issue when it comes to making mum and dad’s later life more comfortable, so it’s a major section on the website – check it out here

Gardening – it’s good for you

We’re fans of social prescribing and doctors have been urged to prescribe gardening far more often for patients with cancer, dementia and mental health problems.

Outdoor spaces including gardens can reduce social isolation among older people as well as help patients recover and manage conditions such as dementia, according to the influential King’s Fund health thinktank. Read more here


Cycling with extra oomph!

Looking for the perfect present for active, though elderly, parents? You might want to consider an electric bike!

Electric bikes can boost older people’s mental performance and their well-being, it seems. E-bikes have the potential to re-engage older adults with cycling and provide a great opportunity to increase physical activity and engagement with the outdoor environment. Read more about the research.

Have your say

There’s still time to fill in the Alzheimer’s Society’s online survey to find out how living with dementia affects people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They will be using the results to raise awareness during Dementia Action Week next month. You can complete it here before the 26 April deadline.

And finally…

Eating raw garlic could help prevent age-related memory loss suffered by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients, scientists suggest.

The natural compound found in garlic – allyl sulfide – improves the health of bacteria in the stomach and also improve cognitive health in the elderly. So bring on the bruschetta – but we’re not sure how this rolls with keeping your friends and relations close!

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