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Seeing off winter bugs and loneliness

In her latest News Space blog, Age Space’s Annabel James looks at news about dementia, elderly care and more…

See off those winter bugs

Winter. Love it or hate it, it’s here again. As we get older, the cold weather and winter bugs affect us more. But why is that? In this Age UK video Dr Saleyha Ahsan explains how your body changes as you get older, and what you can do to stay healthy. More tips here

Silver Line Friends ease loneliness

A friendship scheme run by The Silver Line, a charity that combats loneliness among the elderly pairs volunteers with a ‘Silver Line friend’, who they call once a week for a chat. 

For many of the scheme’s elderly beneficiaries, the phone call may be the only human contact they have all week, bar a brief exchange at their local shop or a few words to their postman. Read more about it here

(Don’t be) Lonely this Christmas

While December may leave many feeling isolated, it could also be the perfect time to widen a social circle.

“Christmas gives us an opportunity to talk about loneliness,” says Dr Kalpa Kharicha, head of innovation policy and research at the Campaign to End Loneliness

“Lots of things are going on in communities at Christmas time. 

“If you can cross that threshold at Christmas, you may be more likely to take part in community events in January.” More ideas for getting out and about at Christmas here

Ambassador Sister Monica Joan!

Call the Midwife star Judy Parfitt has become an ambassador for Dementia UK, a growing charity that provides Admiral Nurses for families affected by dementia.

The twice BAFTA-nominated actress will help to bolster Dementia UK’s profile as it seeks to provide more access to Admiral Nurse support for the increasing number of families facing the condition. She has talked about her experience of caring for her husband who had dementia.

She joins actors Jim Broadbent, Lorelei King and Phyllis Logan as one of the first ambassadors for the charity.

Surviving Winter – Don’t Need it? Donate it!

A Surviving Winter Appeal is helping tackle fuel poverty and social isolation by supporting older and vulnerable people and families in Northamptonshire.

It asks people to think about giving some or all of their winter fuel allowance, or a donation to the Surviving Winter appeal to ensure those who are less fortunate can stay warm and healthy this winter.

This year it aims to raise £20,000 for the appeal. The hope is that raised awareness of the issue of winter mortality amongst older  and vulnerable people will prompt local residents to look out for their older neighbours, and vulnerable people in the community.

Dance yourself visible!

A recent study on the relationship between sensuous dance forms, (burlesque, belly dance, Latin American and pole fitness) and improved wellbeing for ageing women, showed there are some surprising benefits that not only provide empowerment for the women participating, but may also contribute to an increased acceptance of female bodies in a contemporary culture that continues to shame ageing and make older women “invisible”.

With current arts in health research immersed in an effort to prove the usefulness of dance to enhance social capital, fitness and health in older people, there has been little attention placed on empowering older women through dance. Read more on this here

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